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Computer Quiz for IBPS & Banking Exams (Set-93)

1. An output device that lets you see what the computer is doing is called a
a) disk drive
b) monitor screen
c) shift key
d) Printer

2. Bit stands for
a) binary system
b) digital byte
c) binary digit
d) binary unit

3. _________ is the most popular Internet activity.
a) Art
b) Shopping
c) Searching
d) Entertainment

4. Computers process binary numbers, which are composed of _________.
a) 1s and 2s
b) 2s and 4s
c) 1s and 10s
d) 0s and 1s

5. The ________, also called the Web, contains billons of documents.
a) World Wide Web
c) Webportal
d) domain

6. A menu contains a list of
a) commands
b) data
c) objects
d) reports

7. Choose the web browser among the following:
a) MSN messenger
b) Yahoo messenger
d) Netscape Navigator

8. Underline text, such as text and folder names, is referred to as a(n)
a) icon
b) hyperlink
c) menu
d) source drive

9. To take information from one source and bring it to your computer is referred to as
a) upload
b) download
c) transfer
d) de-link

10. Each box in a spreadsheet is called a
a) cell
b) empty space
c) record
d) field


1. b) monitor screen
2. c) binary digit
3. c) Searching
4. d) 0s and 1s
5. a) World Wide Web
6. a) commands
7. d) Netscape Navigator
8. b) hyperlink
9. b) download
10. a) cell

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