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GK Questions Asked in Repco Bank Clerk Exam - 17.09.2016 (Morning Shift)

Published on Monday, September 19, 2016
1. Renowned Writer Gurdayal Sing passed away belongs to language?
Ans: Punjabi

2. Indian Film Festival held in?
Ans: Melbourne, Australia

3. Reliance Industries Payment Bank ties up with bank?
Ans: SBI

4. Flag Bearer for India Closing Ceremony Rio Olympics 2016?
Ans: Sakshi Malik

5. 5th October is celebrated as?
Ans: World Teachers Day

6. Corporation Bank Headquarters is located at?
Ans: Mangalore

7. What is the full form of MICR?
Ans: Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

8. Rani Jhansi Marine National Park is located at?
Ans: Andman and Nicobar Islands

9. Which of the following Bank’s Headquarters in situated in West Bengal State?
Ans: United Bank of India

10. Koyna Dam in located at which State?
Ans: Maharashtra

11. Mohinattam is dance form of which state?
Ans: Kerala

12. What is MUDRA?
Ans: Micro Finance Institution

13. What is the maximum loan limit of PMMY?
Ans: 10 Lakhs

14. Bandhan is which type of bank?
Ans: Scheduled Commercial Bank

15. Micro finance Institutions regulated by?
Ans: RBI

16. Who is the founder of Hitavada Newspaper?
Ans: Gopal Krishna Gokhale

17. DICGC is Subsidiary of?
Ans: RBI

18. Mutual funds regulated by?

19. Fastest Money Transfer Account to Account including Holidays (24*7) through?

20. How many digits are there in IFSCode?
Ans: 11 digits

21. Who is the present Governor of RBI?
Ans: Urjit Patel

22. Savings Bank account opened by minor 10 years above not eligible to issue?
Ans: Credit Cards

23. What is the full form UPI?
Ans: Unified Payment Interface

24. Savings Bank account become inoperative or Dormat account not used for how many months?
Ans: 24 Months

25. NACH is implemented by?

26. Borrowing money for Overnight basis and for one day is known as?
Ans: Call Money

27. What is the share of Central Government in Rural Banks?
Ans: 50 Percent

28. Global Gender Gap report published by?
Ans: WEF

29. Licenses issued to Small Banks?
Ans: 10 Entities

30. Payment Bank cannot involve in?
Ans: Accepting Recurring and Fixed Deposits

31. Narmada River flows from which Range?
Ans: Amarkantak Plateau

32. Banwarlal Purohit became Governor of which state?
Ans: Assam

33. Who is the author of “One India Girl”?
Ans: Chetan Bagath

34. Where is the headquater of Capital Local Small Finance Bank located?
Ans: Jalandhar

35. Gaofen 3 Satellite launched by which Country?
Ans: China

36. Money spot White Label ATM (WLA) launched by?
Ans: Prizm Payment Services

37. What is the full form of AML?
Ans: Anti Money Laundering

38. Retail Banking is also known as?
Ans: Consumer Banking

39. Prithvi 2 launched from which state?
Ans: Odisha

40. Kamal Hassan given award?
Ans: Chevalier de L'Ordre Arts et Lettres, France

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