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Come To The Point (Part-4)

Published on Saturday, October 15, 2016
come to point
1. What is Adjournment Motion in legislature?
Ans: It is a motion moved by a member to bring a topic urgent public importance under immediate discussion. It may require putting off the regular business of the legislature.

2. What is the electoral body electing the President known as?
Ans: Electoral College

3. Give a brief account of the founding of Arya Samaj?
Ans: Arya Samaj was founded by Swami Dayananda Saraswati in 1875 at Mumbai. He belonged to an orthodox Brahmin family of Tankara in Gujarat. Swami Dayananda shifted the headquarters of Arya Samaj to Lahore in 1877.

4. About whom and when did Bal Gangadhar Tilak said this: “He was the diamond of India, the jewel of Maharashtra and the prince of workers.”?
Ans: He said this about Gopal Krishna Gokhale, the political guru of Gandhiji, upon his death at his funeral in 1915.

5. Who was known as the “Father of Revolutionary Thought in India”?
Ans: Bipin Chandra Pal who joined Brahmo Samaj in 1876 and Congress in 1887.

6. Who wrote the famous book, Geeta Rahasya and where?
Ans: Bal Gangadhar Tilak wrote, one of his well-known books, Gita Rahasya during his term in prison at Mandalay.

7. What is the importance of the Lucknow session of the Indian National Congress (INC)?
Ans: It was at the Congress session of Lucknow that Extremists were added to the Congress and Congress-Muslim League Pact of 1916 was signed during this Congress session.

8. Who started an era in 78 AD, which is now known as Saka Era and is used by the Government of India?
Ans: Kanishka, also known as Second Ashoka, started an era in 78 AD, which is now known as Saka Era and is used by the Government of India.

9. What is the present name of JNNURM (Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission)?
Ans: AMRUT (Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation)

10. Which one of the Five-Year Plans is based on Harrod-Domar Strategy?
Ans: First Five-Year Plan (1951-56)

11. Which Planet is also called “Blue Planet” and why?
Ans: Earth. The Earth is neither too hot nor too cold. It is called as the Blue Planet owing to the presence of Water.

12. How many countries are there in Africa, the second largest continent after Asia?
Ans: It has 54 countries.

13. Which is the deepest point in Pacific Ocean?
Ans: Mariana Trench is the deepest point in Pacific Ocean

14. 49th Parallel Line is an international boundary line between USA and ____________.
Ans: Canada

15. On the bank of which river is Srinagar, the summer capital of J&K, located?
Ans: Jhelum

16. Which scientific instrument measures quality of heat?
Ans: Calorimeter

17. Who invented electric swashing machine in 1906?
Ans: Alva J Fisher (USA)

18. What is the source of oxalic acid?
Ans: Tomato

19. What is the another/common name of cue sports?
Ans: Billiards

20. With which sport/game is Ruia Trophy associated?
Ans: Bridge

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