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Expected Seating Arrangement Set for IBPS PO Pre

Published on Saturday, October 15, 2016
seating arrangements
Directions (Q. 1-5) : Read the following information carefully and answer the questions that follow:
Eight members of a family are sitting around a rectangular table facing inside exactly opposite around one another face. Three members of the family are sitting around each longer side of the table,
including three generations such as Gopal, Bobby, Ekta, Aman , Harish, Chaman, Fatima and Deepika around the same table. Aman and Deepika are sitting exactly opposite each other around table and Bobby faces the person who is neighbour of Harish. Gopal sits immediate left of person faces to Aman at table. Harish does not sit on the right side of Aman. Ekta is sitting between Aman and Bobby. Fatima is sitting to the third left of Aman, who is in the front of Deepika, who does not sit on the longer sides. Chaman is not sitting any of shorter side of table.

1. What is the position of Chaman with respect to Deepika?-
1) Immediate left
2) Third to the right
3) Second to the right
4) Third to the left
5) None of these

2. What is the correct combination of the persons facing opposite each other ? 
1) Bobby and Harish 
2) Fatima and Ekta
3)Aman and Fatima
4) Chaman and Bobby
5) Deepika and Gopal

3. Who faces the person sitting on the immediate left of Bobby? 
1) Harish 
2) Chaman
4) Fatima
5) Gopal

4. Among four out of five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which pair of the person is not related to that group ? 
1) Harish and Chaman 
2) Fatima and Deepika
3) Gopal and Bobby
4) Ekta and Aman
5) Bobby and Harish

5. What is the position of Ekta with respect to Chaman? 
1) Immediate left 
2) Second to the left
3) Immediate Right
4) Third to the right
5) Third to the left

Answer :

1. 3; Chaman is second to the right of Deepinka.

2. 4; Chaman and Bobby

3. 1; Harish

4. 5; Bobby and Harish

5. 4; Third to the Right

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