Most Confusing GK Pointer - Part 77


Mastitis is a disease of – Udder organ
Mastitis is a disease of – Cow , etc.


Worlds Leading Egg producing country – China
India’s Leading Egg producing State – Tamil Nadu


Worlds Smallest Egg – Humming Bird
Worlds Largest Egg – Ostrich


Egg laying Animal Is termed as – Oviparous
Study of Egg – Oology


Worlds Tallest Man living on earth – Sultan Kosen ( 8.279 feet )
Worlds shortest Man living on earth – Chandra bahadur dangi (Recently died)


Birds that can migrate from North Pole to south pole & back – Arctic tern
Birds can fly backward – Humming Bird


Scientific Name of Polar Bear – Ursus maritimus
Meaning of Polar bear – Sea Bear


Tallest Dog (Breed) – Great Dane
Smallest Dog (Bread) – Chihuahua


Fastest Land animal on Earth – Cheetah
Slowest Land animal on Earth – Snail


Largest Mammal – Blue whale
Smallest Mammal – Shrew


Largest Land Animal – Africa bush Elephant
Tallest land animal – Giraffe
Smallest Land animal – Bumblebee Bat


Worlds longest National Anthem – Greece
Worlds shortest National Anthem – Kimigayo (A National Anthem of Japan)


Gestation period of African elephant – 22 Months
Gestation period of Asiatic elephant – 18 to 22 Months

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