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Rules For Solving Para Jumbles

Published on Thursday, October 20, 2016

Parajumbles form a very marks-scoring section in IBPS PO Pre exams. The problems based on parajumbling are quite easy if you are well aware of grammatical rules of English language. While you are solving parajumbles, there are few rules to apply and you are all set to tackle those tricky and jumbled sentences. In this article, we are going to share some rules to solve parajumbles.

#Rule 1: Never Read the Options

Whenever you start doing parajumbles, never look at the options. First try to solve the sentences, then search for the nearest option of your rearranged paragraph. You can use the elimination technique, as you have already arranged the sentence, now you can eliminate the options that do not suit to the required answer and in this way you will get the correct answer.

# Rule 2: Generalisations come first

Parajumbles always start with genralised statements and then comes the specifications and options of the topic. Generalisations are always followed by specific reference and examples. You have to read the first statement and last statement, then see what kind of information is given in the sentences. Try to categorised the sentences into information based sentence, reference based and example based sentence and then rearrange them following the above rule.

#Rule 3: Go from Past To Future

Analyse the tense of the sentences. Generally, when you get sentences based on data, time period, statistics, then you start the start the paragraph from a past tense then present and at last comes the future tense. this is because, in past tense we give information of previous years and time periods, in present tense we give the present scenario of the situation and in future tense general probabilities are given in the coming time.

#Rule 4: Never Start with "This", "That", "Those" or other pronouns

Always keep in mind that a coherent paragraph never starts with words like "this", "that", "those" or any other pronoun. The reason being that if a sentence of paragraph starts from these kind of words, then the meaning becomes ambiguous as the first sentence should always give the proper and exact information and pronouns can be used in other sentences.

#Rule 5: General to Allusion & Full Form to Abbreviated

The last but important rule to adhere to while solving parajumbles is that our range starts from general and ends at illusions, similarly we go from full from to abbreviations. If in a sentence, Prime Ministers, Uttar Pradesh are given and in other sentence U.P. and P.M. are given then the sentence containing full forms will come first.

So, these are some general rule that you must adhere to while solving parajumbles. We have given some practice set of keeping in view various difficulty levels and we will keep updating with latest practice sets, till then keep working hard and never give up.

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