Questions asked in SBI IT Officer Exam: Previous Year Questions

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Today I am sharing Professional Knowledge questions asked in previous SBI SO IT Professional knowledge paper. Must go through IT Officers notes here
  1. Full form of CIDR - Classless inter domain routing
  2. Simplest SDLC model - Waterfall
  3. Which layer uses cable data Transmission - Physical layer
  4. How to use SELECT query to access data
  5. First phase of SDLC
  6. Why NOS used
  7. What is scripting language
  8. IP used in OSPF- HELLO
  9. What is MIRROR in oracle
  10. What is character of DATA MINING
  11. What is server farm
  12. Who access data dictionary ? (Client, DBA admin , Dbms engine)
  13. What is Linear list (choose false statement)
  14. DML command (choose false )
  15. 3 questions from software testing
  16. When you can not access internet in your system what you will do?(Proxy setting , admin configure, Browser setting)
  17. If your transaction incomplete and system hanged what you will do?
  18. One question from security breach
  19. Work of Object oriented (options are very close)
  20. Protocol of wireless application?(WAP, WAPD, WAP2)
  21. Cube protocol testing tool
  22. Web content testing not need
  23. 3 questions from Oracle
  24. Conceptual view very close to( Clients, End users, System programmer, DBA)

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