Skill Banks: All You Need To Know


  • Skill banks are training centres to provide training to potential immigrant workers 
  • Skill Banks are established first in the states of U.P and Bihar 
  • U.P and Bihar account for the maximum emigrants annually in India 
  • These two states have the maximum number of employees working abroad 
  • Also these states have the maximum population 
  • The training program is of international standards 
  • Skill banks cover about 110 job roles 
  • 50 global skill banks are set up by GOI in 2016 

Objectives of Skill Banks

  • The primary objective of skill banks is to train workers for global markets 
  • To project India as the capital of Human resources in the world

Main focus countries of Skill banks

  • South East Asia 
  • Norway 
  • Germany 
  • Canada 
  • Sweden 
  • Japan 
  • The above countries will have huge dearth of nurses and care givers in the next decade 
  • Skill banks focus on these countries for job opportunities and train people according to the requirement 

Key sectors covered by Skill Banks

  • Health care 
  • Medicine 
  • IT 
  • Hospitality 
  • Retail trade 
  • Automobile 
Other sectors are likely to be included in the skill development training program of skill banks where job opportunities may emerge in future

Special features of skill banks

  • Youth trained in skill banks get acquainted with the local culture of the country in which they go to work 
  • Before emigration, trainees are made familiar with language and work ethics of the foreign nation 
  • Training at the skill banks is demand driven 
  • If the requirement in a gulf nation is for 1000 mason workers, then skill banks will train 1000 masons and send them to the respective nation 
  • This ensures that majority of the persons trained in skill banks will be sent abroad as it is demand-based 
  • Skill banks train the workers and certify them 
  • Skill banks ensure that the employee gets good working conditions abroad 
  • The trainees get a better salary abroad after attending the training program and sent abroad 


  • Skill banks help people go abroad and work in a safe manner 
  • Workers sent abroad through skill banks will have the support of GOI 
  • All migration-related issues and frauds by consultancies will not occur once workers are trained and sent abroad through skill banks 
  • Rural poor and unaware people can completely trust the skill banks for their overseas job opportunities 
  • Skill banks help in identifying the requirements arising abroad in various nations and match the requirements with the employees in India through skill training programs

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