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Currency Notes Printing: All You Need To Know

Published on Tuesday, November 29, 2016
currency printing
After the ban of 500 and 1000 Rs. currency notes there are a lot of curiosity regarding currency note printing.According to exam point of view, this is a very important topic for General awareness and personal interview, hence here we are providing some basic information about currency note printing for our reader.

Where printing of New currency notes (2000 Rs.) takes place? 
Ans. - Printing of New currency notes (2000 Rs.) takes place at Salboni (West Midnapur,West Bengal. 

Where printing of New currency notes (500 Rs.) takes place? 
Ans.- Printing of New currency notes (500 Rs.) takes place at Security press of Nashik 
(Maharashtra), and Devas (Madhya Pradesh) .

Who printed the currency notes? 
Ans. - Currency notes are printed by Security printing and minting corporation of India. 
Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited (SPMCIL) was incorporated on 13 
January 2006 under the Companies Act, 1956 with its headquarters in New Delhi. It is a Miniratna Company and is wholly owned by the Government of India.
The work of SPMCIL includes manufacturing of security paper, minting of coins, printing of currency and banknotes, non-judicial stamp papers, postage stamps, travel documents, etc.
The vision of SPMCIL is “To be leader in manufacturing of currency, coins and security products through process excellence and innovation”.

How many Metric tonnes of paper required per year for printing notes for India? 
Ans. - India required 22 Thousand metric tonnes of paper per year for currency notes.i.e. 88 lakh of Rim. We get 16.67 Rim paper by cutting one tree.Hence for currency note printing we have to cut 5,27,895 trees per year. 

How much money we have to invest on currency printing? 
Ans. - As per data released by RBI in June 2016 for last year,Investment of Government on the printing of 21.2 billion notes was 3,421 crores Rs. 

Who printed 1st note of India ? 
Ans. - British company ‘Thomas de la ru’ printed 1st note of India at 1862.Today this company printed currency notes for more than 150 countries. 

Paper Mill

The Security Paper Mill (SPM), Hoshangabad was established in 1968 which is responsible for the manufacturing of different types of Security Papers. It provides the numerous security features in paper via Fluorescence Fibres, Multi-tonal three Dimensional Watermark, Electrotype Watermark, various types of Security Threads, Tangents, etc.

Printing Presses:

Following are 4 printing presses in the country -
  • Currency Note Press, Nashik Road 
  • Bank Note Press, Dewas 
  • India Security Press, Nashik 
  • Security Printing Press, Hyderabad 


The Mints are situated at Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Noida.
Coins are minted at the four India Government Mints at
  • Noida, Uttar Pradesh – set up in 1986 and started minting ferritic stainless steel coins from 1988. 
  • Alipore (Kolkata), West Bengal, established in 1929. 
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra – established in 1929. 
  • Saifabad and Cherlapally (Hyderabad), Telangana – established in 1903 by the Government of the erstwhile Nizam of Hyderabad and was taken over by the Government of India in 1950 & started minting since 1953. 
Each mint has its mark on the coin minted by it as shown below:
  • Mumbai Mint: The Bombay Mint has a small dot or diamond mint mark under Date of the Coin as Mumbai mint. 
  • Kolkata Mint: The Calcutta Mint has No Mint Mark beneath the date of coin as Kolkata mint. 
  • Hyderabad Mint: The Hyderabad Mint has five pointed STAR Under the date of coin ashyd mint. 
  • Noida Mint: The Noida Mint has a small or thick dot under the date of the Coin.

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