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English Test for IBPS Clerk Prelims

Published on Friday, December 02, 2016
Direction (Q.1 – Q.5): Rearrange the following sentence A , B , C , D , E , F in the proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph , then answer the questions given below them .
A. Educating children through experiential learning is the new approach to schooling these days
B. People feel far less reliant on the classroom – plus – teacher model and far more comfortable knowing they simply they have to provide a supportive learning environment
knowing they simply they have to provide a supportive learning environment
C. This method also makes the child on independent thinker and an independent decision maker
D. Unconventional parents opt for this way of educating their children
E. Some parents prefer to take curriculum on the road , other use the world around them as the curriculum
F. These parents believe that a child’s education is not confined to one classroom , but by experiencing what the text book teaches

1. Which of the following is the First sentence after rearrangement ?
A. D
B. C
C. E
D. F
E. A

2. Which of the following is the Fourth sentence after rearrangement ? 
A. A 
B. B
C. E
D. F
E. D

3. Which of the following is the Second sentence after rearrangement ? 
A. E 
B. D
C. B
D. F
E. A

4. Which of the following is the Third sentence after rearrangement ? 
A. B 
B. C
C. E
D. F
E. A

5. Which of the following is the Fifth sentence after rearrangement ? 
A. D 
B. C
C. E
D. F
E. A

Direction (Q.6-Q.10): In the following passage there are blanks each of which has been numbered. 
These numbers are printed below the passage and against each five words have been suggested, one of which fits the blanks appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

People on vehicles, one behind the other , for long stretches on end. Standing up on the bike or leaning out of the car trying to find a way out of the mess. Somebody cuts in front of you, (6) up the little space that you had for a second. A car aggressively from the side road almost scraping the paint off your breath . Another car decides to do a U-turn in a place where even a crow will have to hop and skip. Cars and buses parked on the one-lane road, indifferent. And we are all waiting, miles behind, waiting and waiting. Cities die. When a red signal light means go . For those who are impatient or who don’t care. Who will also not care what happens to those vehicles and people who have to avoid crashing into them. It is no longer the lawbreakers, the history-sheeters. It is you and it is me, in fancy cars or fancier bikes or women with children in front, in their dainty Scooty. Cities die. When anger begins in traffic jams knowing that all it needs is just a simple solution. It stares at all of us in our faces but we are tired. We know what to do and will mutter inside the car but all that we will do is to (7) an inch here and steal a foot there. Cities die. When we all realise that nothing is what it is, nothing will ever be what it was. When we know that nobody will do anything about any of this. All we can do is leave earlier and come back later, but it is the same later, now slowly eating into the whole day and soon into the whole night .Cities die. Because we just don’t care. And when we care, we don’t know what to do. And when we know what to do, we are too tired to move. Or we are (8) with breathing problems or mosquito love bites of all kinds. Or we are busy on iPhones and extra-terrestrial messages beamed through (9) wires from our ears. We die when our cities die. Children have no grounds, have lungs filled with such residual poison that they may as well enjoy a smoke. When they are so scared of water that doesn’t taste of plastic bottles .When going to school makes it seem as (10) as a hike to the misty mountains.

6. Choose the correct one from the below options for (6) – 
A. Nibble 
B. Taste
C. Gobbles
D. Snack
E. Peak

7. Choose the correct one from the below options for (7) – 
A. Pull 
B. Nudge
C. Discourage
D. Repress
E. Alien

8. Choose the correct one from the below options for (8) – 
A. Clumsy 
B. Flexible
C. Movable
D. Stuck
E. Good

9. Choose the correct one from the below options for (9)– 
A. Dangling 
B. Upright
C. Straight
D. Upheld
E. Tigheten

10. Choose the correct one from the below options (10)– 
A. Bright 
B. Fright
C. Realising
D. Dangerous
E. Unsafely

Answer Key –

1. E
2. B
3. B
4. D
5. B
6. C
7. B
8. D
9. A
10. D

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