Quick Vocabulary Bites: Part 1

Published on Friday, December 02, 2016

1. Abhor: : घृणा करना

Meaning: Consider something with disgust or hatred
Synonym: Detest, Hate, Loathe, Abominate

Antonym: Idolise, Relish, Admire, Venerate
Usage: We abhor this kind of abusive behaviour.

2. Annihilate: सर्वनाश करना

Meaning: To destroy completely
Synonym: Abolish, Destroy, Exterminate, Obliterate
Antonym: Preserve, Protect, Save, Assemble
Usage: The rebellions annihilated the church.

3. Beseech: प्रार्थना करना

Meaning: To request in an urgent manner
 Synonym: Besiege, Beg, Entreat, Conjure, Petition
Antonym: Answer, Demand,  Acknowledgement, Command
Usage: They agreed to beseech the former FBI agent for help.

4. Babble: प्रलाप

Meaning: to talk rapidly in a foolish manner
Synonym:  Prattle, Ramble, Drivel, Maunder
Antonym: Silent, Quiet, Enunciate, Articulate
Usage: He used to babble all the time.

5. Fervent: उत्सुक

Meaning: To show great excitement or extreme feelings
Synonym: Eager, Poignant, Lancinating, Passionate 
Antonym: Detached, Impersonal,  Emotionless, 
Usage: They are fervent of all folk musicians in India.

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