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Error Detection Test Series: Part 1

Published on Thursday, November 17, 2016
Error Detection Test Series: Part 1
Hey, friends, I know you all have been burning the midnight oil to achieve the success in your bank exams. So here, we are going to present a simple error detection test series in various parts, which is going to strengthen your preparation and you will get the clear glimpse where you fall behind.
In this test, I am going to split a sentence into four parts and you have to detect the part that contains an error. So, let's begin the first test!!!!!!


(a) The aircraft was overloaded
(b) there was something wrong of 
(c) the battery and the engine 
(d) was making a queer noise.


(a) I warned him
(b) for the danger
(c) he was going to face
(d) during the hiking


(a) Ordinarily, when in difficulty
(b) Renuka prefers keeping her counsel
(c) than running about 
(d) taking advice


(a) Sheila advised to
(b) her child not to play
(c) with the ball
(d) on the road


(a) Basu was trying to pass
(b) through the gap 
(c) on the fence when he
(d) tore his shirt


(a) I have been teaching in this school
(b) since several years
(c) but have never met 
(d) such a hopeless class as this


(a) It is easy to see that
(b) a lawyer's demeanour in court
(c) may be prejudicial against the 
(d) interest of his clients


(a) The reason we have not been able to
(b) pay income tax is due to the fact
(c) that we did not receive 
(d) pay on time


(a) The policeman fired 
(b) all the students when 
(c) they were attacked 
(d) by some of them


(a) He was not promoted
(b) to the rank of colonel 
(c) till for few months
(d) of his resignation


(a) All the players
(b) except Sam
(c) were present
(d) on the field


(a) Despite of good monsoon
(b) this year, the production of
(c) food grain in the
(d) country did not go up


(a) Yesterday while crossing
(b) the road he was
(c) ran out by
(d) a fast moving car


(a) The girl wrote an essay
(b) so well that the
(c) teacher was exceedingly
(d) pleased at her


(a) He tried to open
(b) the cane by a
(c) cane opener
(d) but could not

Answer Key

1. b; with should be used instead of of.
2. b; of should be used instead of for.
3. c; to should be used instead of than.
4. a; to should be removed.
5. c; in should be used instead of on.
6. b; for should be used instead of since.
7. c; to should be used instead of against.
8. b; due to will not be used because reason is already written in the sentence.
9. a; at will be used after fired.
10. c; till will not be used in the sentence.
11. d; in should be used instead of on.
12. a; of will be removed because of is not used with despite.
13. c; ran over is the correct phrase.
14. d; pleased with is the correct phrase.
15. b; with should be used instead of by
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