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Find Causes and Conclusions from given Statement : IBPS PO Mains

Published on Friday, November 18, 2016
1. Statement : India must signal serious intent at the United nations' Climate change conference in Paris?
What may be the cause (s) of such intent by India?
1. It wants to be seen as a responsible global player.
2. As India is a fastest growing nation, the world would listen to its voice.
3. Effective climate agreement is certainly in its own interest too.
4. Both 1) and 3)
5. Either 1) or 2)

2. Statement : In this year, the rainfall would be only 88% of the long-term average.
What conclusion/s can be drawn from the above statement?
1. Food grain production will be severely affected.
2. India will have to import grain from other countries t fulfil the requirement of its own people.
3. Farmers will not get sufficient water to irrigate as they totally depend on Monsoon.
4. All 1), 2) and 3)
5. Other than the given options

3. Statement: Affordable and accessible health care for all is of utmost importance to the Indian government and associated policy makers. It is also an urgent need and necessity.
Which of the following may be the cause for giving affordable health care for all is urgent?
1. There is the existence of a large gap in socio- economic set up of our country.
2. Lack of affordable healthcare leads to pandemic situation in India
3. Most of the people in India have no means to cope with a health problem.
4. This is the duty of any government in any democratic country.
5. Other than the given options

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