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English Test: Find the Meaning of Underlined Phrases/Words

Published on Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Direction: In the following exercise, a part of the given sentences is underlined. Find out the meaning of the underlined phrase or word.

1. Please look into the matter personally as it is very important.
a. overlook
b. take care of
c. examine
d. see secretly

2. He is worried about his bread and butter these days.
a. promotional avenue
b. comfortable living
c. money making
d. means of livelihood

3. The old man is hard of hearing.
a. does not pay attention
b. somewhat deaf
c.felt bad hearing news
d. unmindful

4. Napolean won his laurels in the Battle of Waterloo.
a. adopted aggressive attitude
b. surrendered to his opponents
c. defeated enemies
d. acquired distinction

5. Sumit has to look high and low if he wants to find his car.
a. nowhere
b. somewhere
c. everywhere
d. inform the police

6. My friend had to pay through his nose for his brand new sports bike.
a. pay an extremely high price
b. pay a reasonable price
c. pay huge loans
d. pay after getting discount

7.  He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and always boasts of this.
a. to be born with a good luck
b. to be born in a jeweller's family
c. to be born as first child
d. to be born in a rich family

8. In life, everyone has to take the rough with the smooth.
a. say pleasant words to make things smooth
b. accept unpleasant as well as pleasant things
c. make unpleasant things better
d. be tough in order to be successful

9. She was in a brown study and did not notice my entrance.
a. fancy
b. fear
c. sleep
d. dream

10. They sold their house because it was a real white elephant
a. very big
b. very expensive
c. useless
d. rare

11. His rude behaviour will make him lick the dust one day.
a. fall down
b. get killed
c. to be buried
d. get humiliated

12. He was beaten neck and crop by dicots.
a. harshly
b. profoundly
c. swiftly
d. completely

13. If you help a criminal, then you are also guilty of the crime.
a. daring
b. accomplice
c. culpable
d. suspicious

14. He made a clean breast during the last days of his life.
a. fought like a hero
b. confessed without reserve
c. faced bravely
d. showed his breast

15. He made a dry face.
a. cry with pain
b. abuse
c. show disappointment
d. feel sick

Answer Key

1. c. examine
2. d. means of livelihood
3. b. somewhat deaf
4. b. somewhat deaf
5. c. everywhere
6. a. pay an extremely high price
7. d. to be born in a rich family
8. b. accept unpleasant as well as pleasant things
9. a. fancy
10. c. useless
11. d. get humiliated
12. d. completely
13. c. culpable
14. b. confessed without reserve
15. c. show disappointment

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