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Skill India Mission: All You Need To Know

Published on Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Skill India mission is a long-term strategy to address the shortage of skilled persons and promote faster, inclusive and sustainable growth.

Important facts

  • Boston Consultancy Group (BCG) has predicted that by 2020 there will be shortage of 47 million working people in the rest of the world
  • There is a skill gap between employment and employability with 56 percent school drop outs with employers finding a skill shortage of 53 percent
  • 66 percent (883 million) of Indian population will be in the working age group of less than 35 by 2020 according to Twelfth plan
  • Considering the demographic dividend, India will have an advantage over China from the year 2015
  • India will have a surplus of 56 million skilled people by 2020 as a result of the Skill India campaign

Nodal Agencies

  • National Skill Development corporation
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship


  • Funding based on PPP mode
  • GOI Stake 49%
  • Industry stake 51%
  • Private participation more than government


  • Unorganized sector employees 
  • Unemployed youth
  • School drop outs
  • Male employees in unorganized sector 
  • Female employees in unorganized sector

Elements of Skill Development

  • Motivation – Trainer and Student
  • Fresher training 
  • Re-Skilling
  • Integration
  • Recognizing
  • Funding
  • Monitoring
  • MIS
  • Aadhar Card linkage
  • Rational outlook
  • Assessment of increase in income productivity as a result of skilled labor
  • New schemes are devised and released under Skill India Mission like Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana


  • Magnitude – NSDC requirement of 12 crore skilled manpower in 24 key sectors by 2022
  • High order skill sets of efficiency, diverse and geographically suited
  • Target demography of different educational and class backgrounds
  • Perception – vocational and regular courses
  • Integration to fix demand-supply gap
  • Lack of labour management system
  • Lack of mobility
  • Minimal industry role
  • Less social acceptability
  • Quality of skill development and training programs at stake with lack of infrastructure
  • Enrollment in Skill development programs needs awareness among rural masses


  • Skill India Mission is projected to improve the skills of the Indian workforce 
  • Skill India Mission will make skilled labour a competitive advantage among world nations
  • Nearly 833 million of unorganised labour will be trained and placed in industry
  • India will emerge as the skill capital of the entire world supplying skilled labor force to the developed nations
  • The demand for skilled Indians abroad is going to increase from 2015 after the ageing problem starts in China 
  • Skilled workforce will increase the output in the industry both domestic and foreign 
  • Skilled people will help save time and increase the efficiency
  • A new skill development department will be created resulting in the creation of more jobs in the formal sectorOverall, Skill India mission is a long term strategy initiated by GOI through an umbrella of schemes aimed at developing India as a skilled super power in the entire world
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