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8 Common Mistakes Candidates Make During Interview

Published on Saturday, February 18, 2017


An interview to any job is an important part of one’s long way preparation and struggle; therefore, it is necessary to make it a focus area while you plan to get into any organization. Here are some mistakes that candidates may come across while interview and they can be avoided if a little concern is given to them.

1. Unaware of the Organization

You should be aware of the organization you have chosen to get into. Try to know about the background, area of operations, basic framework and a little about the top management hierarchy. This shows your genuine interest in the company and this may boost your morale level as well.

2. Imporfessional Dress-up

Try to bring professionalism in your attire when you are appearing for an interview. Attire is an important aspect and has a good count in your interview marks. You may wear formals. Avoid carrying too much things like papers/folders/pen/mobile phones in your hands.

3. Arriving Late for an Interview

Arriving for an interview on/before time shows your concern and importance you are giving on time. Plan for your journey a day before the interview and try to reach before time. Arriving late also affects your confidence level so always try to reach early, stay calm and avoid getting into panic situations.

4. Brisk walk

Avoid brisk walking when you enter into place of interview. Your walk should not show that you are too much excited/uninterested to appear for an interview. Just walk in normal and calm way. Laziness or brisk walking may present a negative picture of you.

5. Wandering here and there

You should avoid wandering here and there outside the place of interview or in the premises for unnecessary reasons. Just wait in the waiting area till the time you get a chance to get in.

6. Giving scripted answers

Every interviewer wants a normal candidate for their organization to work with so in such a situation, scripted answers may lead you out from the interview. When interviewer asks you a question, he is well-acquainted with the topic he asks for. He may not like your scripted answers and would search for an authentic and “to the real” Candidate.

7. Lack of confidence

It is sure that while giving interview, a kind of nervousness is there but you should try to overcome that. This can be done when you are well-prepared for the interview. Preparation will get you confidence to face the interview and a little nervousness is not a negative sign. In fact when you are afraid of something, chances of failure get reduced as we put in more efforts when we are afraid of something. Lack of confidence is not a good sign but here it necessary to mention that over-confidence is indeed, an another reason that may through you out of the interview.
Your voice should be audible and clear while answering the questions. Also ensure that you are not too loud while answering.

8. No Eye-contact

Try to have eye-contact with the interviewers while answering to their questions. This helps them in determining confidence level in you.

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