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E-Paathshala: Service To Higher Education Institute: Key Points

Published on Thursday, February 09, 2017
E-Paathsala launches multiple accreditation and ERP solutions for managing colleges and universities. The accreditation is given by National Assessment and Accreditation Council(NAAC), National Board of Accreditation(NBA), etc.,


  • External body to check the services and functions of any higher educational institution like colleges and universities. 
  • The external body will set some standards which the educational institutions should meet. 
  • If they meet the required standard, accreditation status is given. 


  • Rise the education standards to global level. 
  • High funding 
  • Increase in student’s admission rate 


  • ERP- Enterprise resource planning, is a management software to do all the functions of an organisation as single integrated unit. 
  • It reports the gap and recommendations to improve the organisation to get better grade for accreditation. 
  • It also suggests the methods like how to improve the standard of the institution to global level. 
  • It improves the efficiency and transparency of an institution. 
  • It reduces manual work and time. 


  • Accreditation management. 
  • Admission management. 
  • Accounting management. 
  • Students management. 
  • Learning management. 
  • Library management etc., 
The single software ERP does all the above works. It compiles the data’s quickly and tells what to be done to improve the present standard to accreditation standard.


Headquarters: Bangalore
Director and Founder: Suman Nandy


  • It helps the institution to get multiple accreditation and prepare the institution for multiple accreditation. 
  • It has external quality Assurance team to do Academic Audit, Administrative Audit, Green Audit, Gender Audit and Academic roadmap with prospective plans. 
  • It provides both the software and consultancy. 
  • It also provides IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell) help to IQAC workflow and document verification service for accreditation. 

NOTE: IQAC is a committee, where the committee members are the members of the institution to represent the institution goal, progress in education, steps taken to improve the standard and the required documents to show what steps have taken and the results to the Accreditation Council. The Head of the IQAC plays the major role in representing the institution to the Accreditation Council Members.
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