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Vocabulary Tricks Part 14: We Live In Deeds Not In Years

Published on Thursday, February 09, 2017
The great dramatist, William Shakespeare, rightly said that life is measured by deeds, not years. Human beings are not immortal as death is inevitable. But actions and good deeds can make a person immortal. Mother Teresa, for example, is no more but she is immortal. She devoted her life for the needy.
There is a need to have some noble aim in life. Great leaders are always remembered for their immense contribution to the society. On the other hand, people who perpetrate heinous crimes are remembered with hatred and contempt.
So, we should do noble deeds to make our lives purposeful. For example, we can help our friends or we can help underprivileged people.

Words With Meaning and Additional Examples


Meaning: A person who writes plays.
Example: Only a natural dramatist can write a scene as good as that.
Synonym: playwright, writer, tragedian, scriptwriter


Meaning: An action that is performed intentionally or consciously
Example: John performed many kind deeds during his long life.
Synonym: act, action, activity


Meaning: Living forever; never dying or decaying
Example: It's true that exercising and eating well won't make you immortal.
Synonym: undying, never dying, deathless, eternal


Meaning: Certain to happen; unavoidable
Example: War was inevitable.
Synonym: unavoidable, inescapable, bound to happen, sure to happen


Meaning: Give all or most of one's time or resources to (a person or activity.
Example: I want to devote more time to my family.
Synonym: allocate, assign, allot, commit, give


Meaning: Extremely large or great
Example: This is a factor of immense importance
Synonym: huge, vast, massive, enormous, gigantic


Meaning: Carry out or commit
Example: Spamming is also being used to perpetrate criminal acts.
Synonym: commit, carry out, perform, execute, do, effect, bring about


Meaning: Utterly odious or wicked
Example: He committed a heinous crime.
Synonym: evil, atrocious, monstrous, disgraceful, abominable


Meaning: Intense dislike; hate
Example: They must make it clear that religious hatred will not be tolerated.
Synonym: loathing, hate, detestation, dislike, distaste, abhorrence


Meaning: The feeling that a person or a thing is worthless
Example: She stared at the girl with total contempt.
Synonym: scorn, disdain, disrespect, deprecation, disparagement


Meaning: not enjoying the same standard of living or rights as the majority of people in a society
Example: They tend to have negative attitudes towards poor people, underprivileged groups, and minorities. 
Synonym: needy, deprived, in need, in want, in distress, disadvantaged
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