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Himmat App: Powerful Weapon Against Gender Abuse

Published on Friday, February 24, 2017


One common news of this decade!! Daily we could able to read something about this in newspaper !! Don’t know whether humanity exist?? When things going to change?? None can answer!! But the question remains static !! are right I am talking about “ GENDER ABUSE”. It is the problem of all time. Though equality and professional status of girls has risen now, gender abuse has never reduced. It has risen even more than before. Therefore, Our Delhi police has initiated a women safety application called “ Himmat App”. In this article you will know all about this safety app in detail.

Himmat App:

  • Himmat is a mobile-based application basically used for the safety of women travelling alone and sometimes late at night. 
  • Only women are requested to register and use this service. 
  • Women can use its features to alert Delhi police in case of any threat. 
  • It was launched by Home Minister Rajnath Singh on 1st January 2015. 
  • After its launch Uttar Pradesh police has also planned to launch a similar app called “Nirbhaya App.” 

How to use Himmat App??

  • The Himmat app can be downloaded free of cost from the Delhi Police website- or from Google play store. 
  • This App is only for mobile phone working on Android, since a survey has revealed that most working women use Android based phone. 
  • In future this facility will be extended to other operating systems also. 
  • A new user has to register with the Delhi Police website by sharing their name, mobile number and a minimum of two relatives or friends name. 
  • Once the User registers, the user will get an SMS on mobile number given at the time of registration with a download link and a registration key. 
  • User has to enter this key in the registration window in the application. This is a one-time process. 
  • Apart from the friends and relatives, an SMS alert is also transmitted simultaneously by the Police Control Room to the Police Patrol cars in the area and the local Station House Officer (SHO) through the Delhi Police Cyber Highway. 
  • During the emergency situation, using advanced technology, the mobile app captures audio and video from the environment of the person in distress and transmits the same to the Police Control Room. 

Specifications of the phone:

For the App to work, It must have 
  • Android Phone. 
  •  A mobile number 
  • GPS functionality 
  • Internet data pack 
  • SMS pack 
  • Minimum talk time 

Unique features of Himmat App:

  • Shake to alert 
  • Soft button alert 
  • Power button alert 
  • Video Recording 
  • Call back by Police Control Room 
  • SMS alerts for Family and Friends 
  • Victims Details, Location and Time alert on phone and portal 
  • Alert on Facebook. 

False SOS alerts:

  • Generating false SOS alerts, either intentionally or unintentionally, will lead to cancellation of the registration, after 3 such False SOS alerts. 
  • The user must report in an email to support her number again, if in case they want to re-register and activate the facility. 


  • A good initiative by delhi police. 
  • A great salute to them for taking this initiative by considering the problems faced by women outside their home. 
  • I wish this app should be extended throughout India. 
  • Hope for the best in future. 

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