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How to Prepare English Section for SBI PO

Published on Friday, February 24, 2017


Hi readers!!! SBI PO Pre Exam is around the corner and we have been recieving emails from aspirants to help them for preparing English section. So, in this article we have discussed some sources from which questios are set up for English section and you will also find useful tips to prepare the topics like Reading Comprehension, cloze tests and Error Spotting. 
To score good marks in English section we want to know what to study and how to study.


You must practise three techniqes to develop English Skills
  • READ 


First of all, we should know where these questions from English sections come from. So that we can prepare according to that and score well in exams. Some of the sources from which topics like reading comprehension, fill in the blanks, cloze test, jumbled sentence, error spotting and sentence improvement questions come from. 
  • The Hindu / Business Line – Money and Banking 
  • The Economic Times – Blog 
  • Times of India – Article / The Times group: e-paper 
  • Economic Times 
  • Reuters – Business News 
  • Financial Times – Blogs 
  • The Telegraph (Kolkata based newspaper) 
  • The Fiscal Times – Business and Economy 
  • Business Standard Editorials
( Note: Passage completion questions, a new pattern of questions asked in PO exams are mainly taken from Business Standard Editorials)
  • Blog Spot 
Above are the some of the sources from which most of banking exams English sections questions come from. But it is hard to study everything together. So, planning will enhance your performance and help to accomplish your goals.


One of the main method to score very good marks in English is recalling all the topics, words, grammar rules and some common words used in our daily life. This will be very helpful in scoring good marks in cloze test and sentence improvement.


Make firm decision before reading. The above 2 topics tell what to read. In this topic let’s see how to read.
Reading Comprehension – Increase the speed and fluency while reading comprehension. It needs continuous practise to attain fluency and speed.
Finding Error – Be clear in basic grammar rules. Then try to find which part will contain error with that rules.
Fill in the blanks – Identify the clue words and tone of the sentence like positive or negative and choose the right word.
Cloze test – Understand the whole theme of the passage and try to associate each answer with one another to make the passage complete. Do not try to attempt individual sentence.
Vocabulary – Try to learn many root words, prefix and suffix, etc. Vocabulary games are the best suggested method to remember words.
Finally remember that English section plays an important part in improving the overall cut off.
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