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IBPS PO Interview Experience - Patna

Published on Sunday, February 05, 2017
Hello Dreamers & Doers.

My name is Chetan (Babu), today on 5/02/17, I appeared for ibps po interview and I am sharing my experience with you all so that you all can be proactive for your future interviews.

Things you should keep in mind

1. At the time of filling application, don't do mistake in filling details and save yourself from subsequent difficulties.

2. Interview is all about presence of mind.

Here is my experience.

Name : Chetan nath
Venue: white house apartment, Patna
Time 1:00 pm

I reached 1 hr before interview, had conversation with other aspirant's, and then at sharp 1pm, they called us inside campus.

Inside campus: they gave us a blank paper and asked us to write declaration about certificates that we are submitting.

Again After 15 min (1:30pm) I was called for document verification, gave all xerox, got biometric verification done and all went smoothly. ( Note: if u are lacking any document, don't be tensed, they give time to present document within stipulated time)

After document verification, at 2:pm sharp, some of us whose document verification got completed, was called to sit in waiting chair outside panel room.

A guy before me went into the room and came out after 15 min. And now it was my turn.. I immediately took deep breathe, prayed and when the ring bell, I went in by asking "may I come in please"

( There were 4 male and one female sitting in panel)

I wished " good after noon maim, good afternoon sir by noding my head"

M3: what's your name?

Me: sir, my name is Chetan nath.

M3: ( immediately after I told my name, ) please have a seat.

M3: what does your father do?

Me: sir he is a shopkeeper of gift items.

M3: so how does he manage house finance?

Me: sir, he is very good at management skill and I learnt a lot from him.

M1: you have done MBA right, what is the importance of goal?

Me: sir, a goal is an objective that drives us into working towards it so that it can be achieved, goal making is very important not only for an organization but also for individuals!

M2: what is management by principle?

Me: I waited for 5 second, I replied, sorry sir, I read about it and suddenly the answer is not striking my mind!

F1: ooohh

F1: what did you study for the interview?

Me: sir, I am sorry, maim, you can ask me from my subjects, banking awareness or current affair, I hope I will try to reply all your question.

M3: wow you are so confident?

Me: sir, I am confident but not over confident, I can assure you that I will live upto bank expectation and go beyond expectations by bringing positive results.

F1: wow see he is confident!

F1: what is ERP?

Me: maim ERP means enterprise resource planning, it is a software used for resource planning and allocating resources for better output of an organization.

M1: what is full form of NABARD?

Me: sir, NABARD stands for national Bank for agriculture and rural development.

M1: tell more about it?

Me: sir it's an apex financial institution, which governs regional rural banks or any bank that works for uplifting rural economy. The chairman is H.N. bhanwala. Recently 40000 crore has been allocated for NABARD in current budget.

All panel: sabash!! You are confident!

Me: (I was blushing.)

M2: what was your duty in your past work experience?

Me: sir, I have more than one year of work experience as a business analyst, where I had similar job responsibilities as that of a bank PO.
As a business analyst, my duty was to bring in more business to my company by negotiating project and everything related with it, with clients who were mainly from America and Australia!

M3: then why did you leave that job?

Me: sir I used to work directly under the supervision of CEO and I had no career growth opportunities there but I enjoyed working there.

M3: tab CEO ko hta dete raaste se!!

All panel laughed !!

Me: (blushing,) no sir, I can also reach upto strategic and decision making level in bank if u select me today !!

M2: see, he is confident.

Me: ( I was wondering why they are always telling I am confident, am I behaving overconfident) I said, sir I am natural enthusiastic and committed for bank now.

F1: how much marks are you expecting in mains?

Me: (immediately replied,) around 100+

Whole panel : nice, you are so confident.

Me: ( I thought, oh why they always say I am confident)

M3: OK Chetan, you can go now. All the best!!

Me: thank you sir, thank you maim. ( While leaving chair, I said " it was nice conversation sir with blushing smile")

That's it.

( They cross-questioned one liner like benchmark, base rate, rrb benefit.)
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