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List of Satellites Launched by ISRO

Published on Friday, May 24, 2019
RISAT-2B It is an earth observation spy satellite. It is dubbed as an all-weather 'spy' satellite because it can take pictures of earth in day, night and cloudy weather.
RISAT-1 It was launched In 2012. Radar Satellite-1 (RISAT-1) enables imaging of the surface features during both day and night under all weather conditions.
EMISAT (436 kg) It is used for Electromagnetic spectrum measurement. It is the country’s first electronic surveillance satellite. It also has a special altimeter called ‘AltiKa’ that works in the Ka-band microwave region of the spectrum.
GSAT-31 (2536 kg) India’s telecommunication satellite. It will provide continuity to operational services on some of the in-orbit satellites.
Microsat-R It is an imaging satellite, is meant for military purposes.
Kalamsat-V2 (1.26 kg) It is world's lightest satellite, made by Indian students,
GSAT-7A It is India’s 35th satellite built to provide communication capability to the users in Ku-band over the Indian region.
GSAT-11 Mission (5854 kg) It is the heaviest satellite built by ISRO. It is India’s next generation high throughput communication satellite
HysIS (380 kg) It is an earth observation satellite. The primary goal of HysIS is to study the earth’s surface in the visible, near infrared and shortwave infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.
GSAT-29 (3423 kg) It is a multi-beam, multiband communication satellite of India
IRNSS-1A to 1I Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) constitues 7 satellites launched from 2013 to 2018. All the seven satellites serve the navigation purpose.
Cartosat-2 Series Satellite It is also a series of earth observation satellites that were launched between 2016 to 2018. The satellelites provide regular remote sensing services using Panchromatic and Multi-spectral cameras.
RESOURCESAT-2A It third in the series of RESOURCESAT satllites for intended for resource monitoring
RESOURCESAT-2, Launched in 2011, It is a Remote Sensing satellite intended for resource monitoring
RESOURCESAT-1 Launched in 2003. It is a Remote Sensing satellite intended for resource monitoring
SCATSAT-1 (371 kg) It aims to provide wind vector data products for weather forecasting, cyclone detection and tracking services to the users.
INSAT-3DR is an advanced meteorological satellite of India configured with an imaging System and an Atmospheric Sounder
INSAT-3D It is predecessor of INSAT-3DR. It was launched in 2013. It is an advanced weather satellite of India configured with improved Imaging System and Atmospheric Sounder.
Astrosat It is India’s first dedicated multi wavelength space observatory. It endeavours for a more detailed understanding of our universe.It also enables the simultaneous multi-wavelength observations of various astronomical objects with a single satellite.
SARAL The Satellite with ARGOS and ALTIKA (SARAL) is a joint Indo-French satellite mission for oceanographic studies. SARAL performs altimetric measurements designed to study ocean circulation and sea surface elevation.
Oceansat-2 (960 kg) It is envisaged to provide continuity of operational services of Oceansat-1(IRS-P4) with enhanced application potential.
Chandrayaan-1 (1380 kg) India's first mission to Moon. The orbit initially was 100 km which now has been raised to 200 km during May 2009.
HAMSAT HAMSAT is a Micro-satellite for providing satellite based Amateur Radio services to the national as well as the international community of Amateur Radio Operators (HAM).
EDUSAT GSAT-3, known as EDUSAT is meant for distant class room education from school level to higher education. This was the first dedicated "Educational Satellite" that provide the country with satellite based two way communication to class room for delivering educational materials.
KALPANA-1 It was earlier known as METSAT. It was renamed as Kalpana - 1 on February 5, 2003 after the Indian born American Astronaut Dr. Kalpana Chawla, who died on February 1, 2003 in the US Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. It is the first in the series of exclusive meteorological satellites built by ISRO.
Rohini Satellite RS-D1 It was an experimental spin stabilized satellite designed with a power handling capability of 16W.
Bhaskara-I and Bhaskara II The First Experimental Remote Sensing Satellite built in India  to conduct earth observation experiments for applications related to hydrology, forestry, and geology
Aryabhata The Aryabhata spacecraft, named after the famous Indian astronomer, was India's first satellite; it was completely designed and fabricated in India and launched by a Soviet Kosmos-3M rocket from Kapustin Yar on April 19, 1975.
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