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Vocabulary Tricks Part 10: Co-education

Published on Saturday, February 04, 2017
Co-education is a system of imparting education to both boys and girls together. Coeducation reflects that there is no discrimination between boys and girls. It also develops a feeling of comradeship among them. In co-education schools, boys and girls intermingle.
As a result, enigmas and prejudices gradually vanish. Students shed inhibitions and develop harmonious relations. C0-education also helps in reducing gender bias. This system should be given precedence to wipe out male dominance.
However, some conservative people oppose the system. They feel that adolescents can go astray as they are of impressionable age.



Meaning: Inequality on basis of age, colour, gender etc.
Example: There is no racial discrimination in our institute.
Synonym: prejudice, bias, bigotry, intolerance, unfairness


Meaning: Friendship
Example: He is enjoying comradeship with others in the team.
Synonym: friendship, companionship, fellowship


Meaning: Mix or mingle together
Example:The shouting intermingled with sounds of laughter.
Synonym: mix, intermix, mingle, unite, affiliate, associate


Meaning: A person or thing difficult to understand
Example: She was still an enigma to him.
Synonym: mystery, puzzle, riddle, conundrum, paradox


Meaning: unjust behaviour that is not based on reason
Example: They are the victim of racial prejudice.
Synonym: preconceived idea, preconception


Meaning: come to an end
Example: The work in which he was involved vanishes.
Synonym: cease to exist, pass away, die out, become obsolete, evaporate


Meaning: A feeling that makes one self-conscious
Example: He has overcome his inhibitions.
Synonym: shyness, reticence, self-consciousness, reserve


Meaning: Free from disagreement
Example: The company wants harmonious relations among employees.
Synonym: friendly, amicable, cordial, amiable

Gender bias

Meaning: Discrimination on basis of gender
Example: Gender bias should not be there in society.


Meaning: Considering important
Example: Human rights should be given precedence.
Synonym: take priority over, be considered more important than

Wipe out

Meaning: Destroyed or defeated
Example: There is a need of a nuclear wipeout.


Meaning: Power and influence over others
Example: Hollywood dominates film industry.
Synonym: supremacy, superiority, ascendancy, pre-eminence


Meaning: Dislike change or innovation and holding traditional values
Example: They are very conservative in their outlook.
Synonym: traditional, conventional, orthodox


Meaning: Teenagers
Example: It is difficult to understand adolescents.
Synonym: pubescent, youthful, young, juvenile


Meaning: Away from the correct path
Example: He went astray but his father redirected him.
Synonym: off target, wide of the mark, wide, awry


Meaning: Easily influenced
Example: Media has a lot of influence on impressionable minds.
Synonym: susceptible, receptive, persuadable, pliable, malleable

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