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Vocabulary Tricks Part 9: All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Published on Friday, February 03, 2017

All That Glitters Is Not Gold: The attractive external appearance of something is not a reliable indication of its true nature.

We are familiar with the maxim, ‘A book should not be judged by its cover’. But we have the habit of judging people and things by their face value. Many times we get tempted towards outward impressions and ignore the reality hidden behind the glittering facade.
Companies often take advantage of this habit of people. Consumerism is also due to this. Companies launch massive advertising campaigns to lure the customers. People who are unable to afford the products, get duped by imitation goods.

A discerning person is always suspicious. He has the ability to differentiate between real and fake. Unlike gullible people, he never falls into trap of others.
So, we should remember that we should not judge things by their external appearances and all those wearing saffron are not saints.



Meaning: Saying or proverb
Example: It all could be summed up in the old maxim that truth is stranger than fiction.
Synonym: adage, aphorism, proverb, motto, saw, axiom

Face value

Meaning: What a thing appears to be
Example: These cards are worth their face value.


Meaning: Have an urge to do something.
Example: I was tempted to eat ice cream.
Synonym: Motivated, influenced


Meaning: False outward appearance
Example: Her flawless public facade hides her dishonesty.
Synonym: show, front, appearance, false display


Meaning: Purchase of unwanted things.
Example: Consumerism has a negative effect on environment.


Meaning: Large
Example: Massive pieces of marble are too heavy.
Synonym: huge, enormous, gigantic, very big


Meaning: An organized course of action to achieve a goal
Example: They have started a campaign to aware people.
Synonym: crusade, drive, push, effort, struggle, move, movement


Meaning: attracting especially by offering some form of reward
Example: shopkeepers display goods to lure people to their shops.
Synonym: tempt, entice, attract, induce, coax, persuade


Meaning: Copying something
Example: Children are learning a poem by imitating their teacher.
Synonym: emulation, copying, following, echoing


Meaning: Cheated or tricked
Example: Today, duping others is a common affair.
Synonym: deceive, trick, fool


Meaning: having good judgement
Example: He is wise and discerning.
Synonym: shrewd, ingenious, clever, intelligent, sharp


Meaning: Questioning or doubtful
Example: His behaviour was suspicious.
Synonym: unsure, dubious, wary, chary, sceptical


Meaning: An unpleasant situation hard to escape
Example: They fall into the trap of the finance company.
Synonym: snare, net, ambush, lure, decoy, bait


Meaning: Foolish and silly
Example: He always tells lies but gullible people still believe him.
Synonym: credulous, over-trusting


Meaning: An orange-yellow colour
Example: Saffron is his favourite colour.
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