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BankExamsToday Express Bites: Part 19

Published on Tuesday, March 07, 2017
  • Wi-Fi (Wireless fidelity) is also known as wireless networking, commonly using 802.11b protocol. Hardware that displays the Wi-Fi claims 802.11b compliance should interconnect seamlessly. 
  • The full form of HTTP is Hyper Text Transfer protocol. 
  • VLSI – Very Large Scale Integration- Design and production technique to place thousands of electronic components within a small integrated chip. 
  • C is a programming language that has been widely used for operating systems and applications. Many versions of UNIX based operating Systems are written in C. 
  • Device that performs an action or outputs a signal in response to a signal from a computer is called Actuator. 
  • A Scanner is used to read handwritten or printed text to make a digital image that is stored in memory. 
  • Template is a pre-defined document that already has coordinating fonts, a layout and a background. 
  • Collection of interrelated records is called database. 
  • John Ven Neumann invented EDSAC computer. 
  • Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) refers to the practice of sending a message to multiple recipients in such a way that hide the fact that these may be additional addresses from the complete list of recipients. 
  • Routers filter out network traffic by specific protocol rather than by packet address. An IP router can divide a network into various subnets so that only traffic destined for particular IP addresses can pass between segments. 
  • In OSI model, the Physical layer takes note of the electrical signals that transmit data throughout system. 
  • Ethernet, Local Talk, Token Ring and FDDI are the most common protocols. 
  • Packet switching refers to protocols in which messages are broken up into small packets before they are sent. Each packet is transmitted individually across the net and may even follow different routes to the destination. 
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Test Your Memory Take Quiz

Ques 1. Full form of WiFi is
a. Wireless Fixatip
b. Wireless Flexing
c. Wired Fidelity
d. Wireless Fidelity

Ques 2. What does the second T referes to in HTTP?
a. Transfer
b. Text
c. Tranferable
d. Transferring

Ques 3. Right click + H shortcut key is used to 
a. open comment
b. open chat box
c. hide comment
d. hide chat box
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