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Expected Cloze Test For SBI PO 2017: Part 2

Published on Friday, March 31, 2017
Lord Shanmukhas's spear used to be (1)_______ and this is mentioned in Silapadikaram. Even today, in Sri Lanka, the spear is worshipped. The Lord was given the spear by Goddess Parvati in the town of Sikkil in Tamil Nadu and he used it in the coastal city of Tirunchendur to kill the (2)_______ Soorapadman. The spear is the (3)_______ of jnana, said M.A. Manickavelu in (4)_______. It is sharp, broad and long. Its length is symbolic of the many years of sustained study required to acquire jnana. Its breadth is symbolic of the many areas that need to be studied in order to acquire jnana. The sharpness indicates the sharpness of thought and analysis that will result from
such a study. The spear actually defines what jnana is. The spear of Lord Shanmukha, therefore, is much more than just a weapon. It is a representation of the philosophical (5)_______ necessary to attain (6)_______ from the cycle of births and deaths.
Using His spear, Lord Shanmukha killed Soorapadman, but he reappeared as a huge mango tree. The Lord then used the spear to (7)_______ the tree into two. The demon then became the Lord's flag and the peacock became His mount. Three peacocks are spoken of with reference to Lord Shanmukha. The Pranava is the peacock that is always with Him. During the war against Soorapadman, Indra, the Lord of the celestials, came as a peacock. Later, Soorapadman himself became the Lord's vehicle. When Soorapadman became the Lord's vehicle, his bad qualities were (8)_______.
The spear therefore physically eliminated the asura. But more importantly, it destroyed his (9)_______, and that is the (10)_______ message of the story. Lord Shanmukha's spear destroys ignorance and gives jnana.

1. Fill in the blank (1)
(a) worshipped
(b) praised 
(c) honour
(d) glorified
(e) exalted

2. Fill in the blank (2) 
(a) angel
(b) god
(c) demon
(d) crazy
(e) maniac

3. Fill in the blank  (3) 
(a) expression
(b) embodiment
(c) exclusion
(d) symbol
(e) form

4. Fill in the blank (4) 
(a) silence
(b) discourse
(c) talk
(d) sense
(e) chat

5. Fill in the blank (5) 
(a) upgradation
(b) diversion
(c) search
(d) pursuits
(e) surrender

6. Fill in the blank (6) 
(a) liberation
(b) colonisation
(c) subjugation
(d) enlightenment
(e) ignorance

7. Fill in the blank (7) 
(a) sever
(b) chop
(c) split
(d) join
(e) slice

8. Fill in the blank (8) 
(a) regained
(b) destroyed
(c) reincarnate
(d) ruin
(e) erased

9. Fill in the blank (9) 
(a) wrong-doings
(b) immorality
(c) wickedness
(d) sin
(e) selfishness

10. Fill in the blank (10)
(b) moral
(d) suggestive
(e) literal

Answers with explanation

1. Answer key: (a) 
In a normal sense, all the five options can be used in accordance with the first sentence of the cloze test. But, in some of the next lines, we can get an idea of worshipping the spear(because of its connection with Lord Shanmukha's). So, option (a)worshipped is correct.
Exalted- at a high or powerful level

2. Answer key: (d) 
Confusing options are (a),(b),(c). Lord Shanmukha is represented as a positive personality in the cloze test.Therefore, there is no chance of killing (a)angel or (b)god(which are positive spirits).So, option (c)demon is correct.
Demon- an evil spirit or devil, especially one thought to possess a person or act as a tormentor in hell.

3. Answer key: (b) 
Option (a), (d) and (e) can't be the correct options because the sentence is about 'spear' which is not a non-materialistic thing.If we use the expression, symbol or form in the sentence, then these words will represent 'spear' as a thought only.
Embodiment- a tangible or visible form of an idea, quality or feeling.
So, option(b) is correct.
Exclusion is just the antonym of the embodiment.

4. Answer key: (b)
Discourse- written or spoken in communication or debate
option(b) is the correct in accordance with the sentence.

5. Answer key: (d)
In the sentence, the writer is representing spear as a symbol of inspiration for attaining something.So, other than option(d) pursuits none of the options is appropriate for the sentence.
Pursuit- an effort to secure or attain

6. Answer key: (a)
Using the last correct option 'pursuits' we can get an idea that they want to attain freedom from the cycle of births and deaths.So, option (a) liberation is correct.
liberation- the action of setting someone free
All other options are not suitable in this context

7. Answer key: (c)
The most appropriate option is (c)split
Split- divide into two or more parts forcibly

8. Answer key: (b)
Logically, bad qualities of Soorapadam can't be regained, reincarnate after becoming the vehicle of the Lord.So, Option(b) destroyed is the most suitable option in the context of the sentence.

9. Answer key: (c)
Wickedness- the quality of being evil or morally wrong
Mythologically, wickedness was the quality of asura and is in the context of the sentence.So, option (c) is correct.

10. Answer key: (a)
Destruction of the 'wickedness' is the : symbolic' message of the story.So, option(a) is correct.Option (e)literal is the antonym of symbolic
literal- taking the ord in their usual sense without exaggeration

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