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Success Secrets shared by an RRB PO Topper

Published on Sunday, March 12, 2017
All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.

Name - Adarsh Dwivedi (RRB PO & CLERK 2016)
RRB PO reg -1510032185 dob-26/08/1995

First of all, I would like to thank bankexamtoday & Ramandeep sir for my success

Friends I have followed various sites for this success but bankexamtoday is one of the first. Honestly 
I regularly follow this site because what the key material you can get from here is not available any other sites
I really Like Key points to remember /vocabulary bites/All you need to know /GK bites from this sites. Theses all really help me a lot

My strategy -

First, try to give 2-3 speed test/week

Reasoning - Practice new seating arrangement /puzzles /new coding-decoding sets daily.

Math - first try to learn basic of short tricks /faster calculation(very imp) /DI /Number series and then focus on arithmetic for mains.

English/Hindi - focus on Vocabulary, that's really really important/Read newspaper regularly /try to make one set Daily based on new pattern which you can get on various sites

GK- Normally GK bites/capsule/videos are sufficient but what I suggest that make a copy of Daily Gk questions so that at the end you can revise

Computer - You can follow any sites for computer quiz daily (30 min ) and make notes. Finally, you can perform very well

*"ज़िन्दगी" बदलने के लिए*
*लड़ना पड़ता है..! और*
*आसान करने के लिए*
*समझना पड़ता है..!*
*वक़्त आपका है, चाहो तो सोना बना लो और चाहो तो सोने में गुज़ार दो..!*
*अगर कुछ अलग करना है तो भीड़ से हटकर चलो..!*
*भीड़ साहस तो देती है पर*
*पहचान छीन लेती है...!*
*मंज़िल ना मिले तब तक हिम्मत मत* *हारो और ना ही ठहरो.... क्योंकी*,
*पहाड़ से निकलने वाली नदियों ने*
*आज तक रास्ते में किसीसे नहीं पूछा... "समन्दर कितना दूर है.*.

When I Started Banking Preparation It Was Just From ABC Of Banking Then Day By Day I Practice And Finally, I Got Success, So Never Lose Hope YOU Can And One Day YOU Will Do

Thanks To My Parents, Ramandeep Sir & My Friends

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