Success Secrets shared by an RRB PO Topper

All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.

Name - Adarsh Dwivedi (RRB PO & CLERK 2016)
RRB PO reg -1510032185 dob-26/08/1995

First of all, I would like to thank bankexamtoday & Ramandeep sir for my success

Friends I have followed various sites for this success but bankexamtoday is one of the first. Honestly 
I regularly follow this site because what the key material you can get from here is not available any other sites
I really Like Key points to remember /vocabulary bites/All you need to know /GK bites from this sites. Theses all really help me a lot

My strategy -

First, try to give 2-3 speed test/week

Reasoning - Practice new seating arrangement /puzzles /new coding-decoding sets daily.

Math - first try to learn basic of short tricks /faster calculation(very imp) /DI /Number series and then focus on arithmetic for mains.

English/Hindi - focus on Vocabulary, that's really really important/Read newspaper regularly /try to make one set Daily based on new pattern which you can get on various sites

GK- Normally GK bites/capsule/videos are sufficient but what I suggest that make a copy of Daily Gk questions so that at the end you can revise

Computer - You can follow any sites for computer quiz daily (30 min ) and make notes. Finally, you can perform very well

*"ज़िन्दगी" बदलने के लिए*
*लड़ना पड़ता है..! और*
*आसान करने के लिए*
*समझना पड़ता है..!*
*वक़्त आपका है, चाहो तो सोना बना लो और चाहो तो सोने में गुज़ार दो..!*
*अगर कुछ अलग करना है तो भीड़ से हटकर चलो..!*
*भीड़ साहस तो देती है पर*
*पहचान छीन लेती है...!*
*मंज़िल ना मिले तब तक हिम्मत मत* *हारो और ना ही ठहरो.... क्योंकी*,
*पहाड़ से निकलने वाली नदियों ने*
*आज तक रास्ते में किसीसे नहीं पूछा... "समन्दर कितना दूर है.*.

When I Started Banking Preparation It Was Just From ABC Of Banking Then Day By Day I Practice And Finally, I Got Success, So Never Lose Hope YOU Can And One Day YOU Will Do

Thanks To My Parents, Ramandeep Sir & My Friends

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