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Vocabulary Tricks Part 35: Unemployment

Unemployment is the situation when a person who is actively searching for employment is unable to find work. Jobs are stagnant from the past few years. Unemployment is a sheer waste of manpower. Corruption, bribery and nepotism favour the undeserving job seekers.
The removal of unemployment should be a proclaimed objective of economic planning. With an availability of jobs, many problems in terms of insurgencies can be solved.
There is a need to take measures to solve the problem of unemployment. Activities allied to agriculture like horticulture should be promoted. The government must help the budding entrepreneurs. Betterment of the youth would be tantamount to the betterment of the nation.



Meaning: Still or stationary
Example: The water here is stagnant and polluted.
Synonyms: motionless, immobile, inert, lifeless, dead, standing


Meaning: Nothing other than.
Example: She giggled with sheer delight.
Synonyms: complete, absolute, total, pure, perfect


Meaning: Favouring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.
Example: His years in office were marked by corruption and nepotism.
Synonyms: partiality, partisanship, unfair preference, preferential treatment, special treatment


Meaning: Indicate clearly.
Example: The message of happy family living is proclaimed loudly in the show.
Synonyms: demonstrate, indicate, show, signify, reveal, testify to, manifest, betray


Meaning: An active revolt or uprising.
Example: Efforts should be made to counter terrorism and insurgency.


Meaning: Related or associated.
Example: The step is good for the manufacturing industry and other allied industries.
Synonyms: connected, interconnected, linked, coupled


Meaning: The art or practice of garden cultivation and management.
Example: His favourite hobby is horticulture.
Synonyms: gardening, floriculture, arboriculture, agriculture


Meaning: Beginning or prospective
Example: The institute is for budding young actors.
Synonyms: promising, up-and-coming, rising, coming, in the making, aspiring, future


Meaning: Businesspeople.
Example: They help the would-be entrepreneur to make choices.
Synonyms: business executive, enterpriser, speculator, tycoon, magnate


Meaning: Equivalent
Example: Voting against the directors would be tantamount to declaring war.
Synonyms: as good as, more or less, synonymous with, virtually the same
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