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Find Cause and Assumptions from Statements - Part 1

Published on Monday, March 06, 2017

Directions (1-3) Study te following information carefully and answer the questions given below:
Statement: if cities do not begin to deal more constructively with poverty, poverty may begin to deal more destructively with cities has been said by World Bank President. Everyone agrees that living conditions in slums need drastic improvement. however,
it was seen that the urban planning that involves the people and alternative service providers, give far better results than top-down efforts from the government. With unprecedented urbanization, city's slums are growing at an alarming rate.

1) Which of the following can be assumed from the statement said by World Bank President?
1. Wherever is a city there is a poverty?
2. The government is not dealing seriously with the poverty of city.
3. Poverty often gives a destructive response.
4. All 1),2) and 3)
5. Other than the given options

2) Which of the following can be a possible course/s of action for making slum free?
1. Slum development program must involve the local community at various levels as it generates a sense or ownership over the project.
2. There should be a fresh approach that can ensure universal access to basic services.
3. There should be involvement of alternate service provider like NGO, CBOs (community-based organisation) along with the government.
4. All of the above
5. Other than te given options

3) What may be the probable cause (s) that alternate service provider gives far better results than the government in the development program of slums?
1. Alternative service providers like NGOs and CBOs do their work honestly.
2. Government's model of development is top-down efforts which are very traditional. 
3. NGOs and CBOs use a bottom-up approach to planning, construction and maintenance of infrastructure, which in turn vastly improves access.
4. Only 1) and 3)
5. Only 2) and 3)          
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