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Maths Quiz For SBI PO 2017: Part 7

Published on Friday, April 14, 2017

Question 1:

Anil wants to divide Rs.100 into a number of bags so that one can ask for any amount between Rs.1 and Rs.100, he can give the proper amount by giving a certain number of these bags without taking out the amount from them. What is the minimum number of bags he will require if each bag has the whole number of rupees?
1) 5
2) 6 
3) 7 
4) 8

Question 2:

Sachin writes all the numbers from 1 to 1000 on a paper in order. Find the 2883rd digit written by him.
1) 0 
2) 9 
3) 7 
4) 8 

Refer to the data below and answer the questions that follow.
Three thieves robbed a diamond shop independently but distributed their diamonds according to the rule that the person or persons with maximum diamonds should give diamonds equal to the H.C.F. of their individual number of diamonds to the person or persons with the lowest number of diamonds. this process is repeated till all have equal diamonds.

Question 3: 

If they have 39,52,26 diamonds, how many times should the process be repeated?
1) 1 
2) 3 
3) 4 
4) Not possible

Question 4:

If they have 51,85,102 diamonds, how many times should the process be repeated?
3) 5 
4) Not possible 

Question 5:

Three containers having 4 ½ , 3 ¼ , and 6 1/3 litres of three different cold drinks are to be served equally to all guests in a party such that each one gets maximum. How many maximum number of guests could be entertained?
1) 50 
2) 150 
3) 169 
4) 196

Solution and Answers

Solution 1

If Anil has to give 1 rupee he needs a bag with Re.1 each or Re.2 bag .
To have minimum bags he has a bag with Rs.2.
Now with the two bags, he can give Rs.3.So next he will require a bag with Rs.4.
With these three he can give Rs.5, Rs.6 and Rs.7 and next bag will be one containing Rs.8 and so on. Thus he would have bags with Re.1,2,4,8,16,32. 
Sum of which is 63 and remaining 37 can be put in the last bag. So total number of bags is 7. Hence,(3).

Solution 2

The  number of digits written by Sachin can be divided into one digit, two-digit ,and three-digit numbers.
Thus, from 1 to 999 he has written 2889 digits 
Now, last three numbers till 999 are 997, 998,999. 
Thus, 2883rd digit will be 7. Hence,(3).

Solution 3

H.C.F. of the individual number of diamonds is 13.
Hence, the process should be repeated three times.

Solution 4

H.C.F. of the individual number of diamonds is 17. 
So they have 17( 3+5+6)=17*14=238 diamonds. 
238 is not a multiple of 3.
 So it is not possible to distribute them evenly. Hence, (4).

Solution 5

To divide according to the condition, the share each one will get

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