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Vocabulary Bites For SBI PO 2017: Part 31

Sagacious aspirants are quiet cognizant of the examination pattern. Today, they're jubilant because they are enjoying the confection of success. They are not kind of conformist, instead they prepare their own coherent strategy to sail through the exam. Social and family pressure are not enough to
win over their cupidity to success, hence that pressure doesn't create any conundrum in their mind. They rather work hard to execute their strategies .Today they are quiet taciturn but their success
making a lot noise. I'd be remiss if I don't acclaim their commendable efforts. I once again congratulate them for their massive victory.

Vocabulary :

a) Sagacious : Wise / intelligent / clever
b) Cognizant : having knowledge / awareness
c) Jubilant : jovial / happy
d) Confection : sweet food / sweet dish
e) Conformist : kind of person who follow others
f) Coherent : logical and consistent
g) sail through : to pass
h) Cupidity : having greed of something
i) Conundrum : problem / puzzle
j) Taciturn : the one who speaks very less
k) Remiss : rude/impolite
l) Acclaim : to praise
m) Commendable : praiseworthy

By: Vivek Acharya
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