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Questions Asked in NIACL Assistant Prelims 23rd April 2017

Published on Wednesday, April 26, 2017
HI Readers,
NIACL Assistant Prelims exam was held on April 23, 2017. As usual have have come up with a glimpse of questions asked in the exam. Through our resources, we were able to collect only few questions but these questions will give you an idea about the exam-level

Quantitative Aptitude

Number Series (Shift 1)

  1. 12,6,9,…….,45
  2. 9,14,21,32,49….
  3. 5,6,14,45,184,……..
  4. 9,24,34,51,77,……
  5. 13,30,64,115,……

Number Series (Shift 2)

  1. 7,10,15,24,39,x
  2. 6,11,21,38,64,x
  3. 17,36,74,131,x,302
  4. 8,4,4,6,x,30
  5. 3,4,10,33,136,x.

Number Series (Shift 3)

  1. 8 18 57 232 ?
  2. 16 8 8 12 ? 60
  3. 13 18 28 45 71 ?
  4. 9 16 25 38 57 ?
  5. 14 37 83 152 ? 359


Ques 1. Area of a circle is 616 cm. whose diameter is equal to the radius of a semicircle. Find the perimeter of the semicircle.

Ques 2. The time taken to travel 117 km downstream is 9 hrs and speed of the stream is 3/10 of the speed of a boat. Find the distance while going upstream in some hrs.

Ques 3. 48 kg of a mixture having milk and water in the ratio of 3:1. Then how much water must be added to a mixture so that ratio become 9:5?

Ques 4. The Average weight of A, B and C is 26. B is 1/3 of A and C is A+29. Find the weight of C?
A and B together complete a work in 40/3 days and B can alone complete the work 6 days more than A. Find the work done by B alone.

Ques 5. A Person Buy A Commodity On 30% Discount On The Labelled Price . He Sold The The Commodity For Rs 4860 Gaining 50% Profit On Its Cost Price . Find The Labelled Price Of The Commodity A Person Spend 1/3 Of Income On Food. He Spend The Rest Of Income In The Ratio 4:1 On Buying Clothes And Books Respectively. He Spent Rs2400 On The Books . Find The Total Income Of Man.

Ques 6. A and B can do a piece of work in 221/2 days. B takes 24 days more than A. A can finish the whole work in?

Ques 7. By mixing two varieties of two costing Rs 65 & Rs 115 per kg, and selling the mixture at the rate of Rs of 100/kg A seller made a profit of 15%. In what ratio did he mix the two varieties ?


Ques 1. Atish, pointing to a photo frame, said “She is the daughter of my grandfather’s only son.” What is Atish’s relation to the girl in the frame

Ques 2. J.K,L,M,T,U,S,V
M is fourth to the left of T.
M and T are not at the extreme end
How many persons to the right of M as much to the left of U.
One person is between U nd S.
J is second to the left of L
Two persons between U and V.

Ques 3. 8 Persons L,M,N,O,W,X,Y,Z Sitting In Straight Line Facing North . Five Persons Sit Between X And Z. Z Does Not Sit At Any Extreme End Of The Line . L Sits Third To The Left Of M And There Are More Than 2 Persons Between M And X . Z Is Not The Immediate Neighbour Of N.Y Is To The Immedieate Right Of N . Neither Y Nor N Is The Is Neighbour Of M

Ques 4. Seven Persons P,Q,R,S,T,U,V Attend Seminar On The Seven Days Of The Week Starting From Mon To Sunday. T Attended The Seminar Before Wednesday . There Are Three Persons Attending Seminar Between T And P. Neither Q Nor R Attend Seminar On Wednesday . R Attend Seminar Immidieately Before U. No Of Persons Attending Seminar Between S And Q Is Same As Persons Attending Seminars Between S And U.

Ques 5. Seven People P Q R S U T V Work In Seven Different Day From Monday To Sunday But Not Necessarily In This Oder .T Works Before Wednesday. There Are Three People Between T And P.As Many Person Between P And S Same As S And Q.Neither Q Nor R Work In Wednesday. U Works Immediately Before V.

Ques 6. Statements
Some notes are coins. 
No coin is a card
Conclusion: All cards can be notes
Conclusion 2: Some notes are neither coins nor cards
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