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Coding-Decoding New Pattern Questions: Part 1



In a certain code language
  • "Black, Red, Green, Blue" is written as "23S18, 16C2, 22C2, 13H7"
  • "White, Yellow, Violet, Purple" is written as "7W22, 22X23, 22Q16, 4Z25
  • "Brown, Grey, Orange, Silver" is written as "9T19, 2H7, 13C2, 22P15"


The code for the word Chocolate is?
A. 21C3
B. 22C3
C. 21D2
D. 22D3
E. None of these


What will be the code for 'Parrot colour'?
A. 7Q16, 9D4
B. 7Q16, 9D3
C. 6Q16, 9D3
D. 6Q16, 9D4
E. None of these


The code '13H7' denotes which of the following word?
A. Golden
B. Silver
C. Green
D. Red
E. None of these

Ques. 4 

What is the code for 'Cherry'?
A. 3C3
B. 2D3
C. 4E2
D. 25D3
E. None of these


What is the code for 'Dark jungle green'?
A. 15E5 22H10 13H7
B. 16E5 22L10 13H7
C. 16E4 22K10 13H7
D. 16D4 23L10 13H7
E. None of these

Answers & Solutions

1. Ans: D

2. Ans: B

3. Ans: A

4. Ans: B

5. Ans: C

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