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Error Spotting Quiz From The Hindu: Part 4

Published on Saturday, May 06, 2017
In the questions below, some parts of the sentences have errors and some are correct. Find out which part of a sentence has an error and mark that as your answer. If a sentence is free from error, choose the “No Error” option.

Ques 1.

There was indeed a direct collision among the voluntary nature/(A) of Aadhaar Act of 2016 and Section 139AA of the Income Tax Act/(B), which made it mandatory for a person to possess an/(C) Aadhaar card to file income tax returns and continue to have a valid PAN./(D) no error./(E)

Ques 2

Reports, based on a study conducted by the Centre/(A) for Internet and Society (CIS), a Bengaluru-based organisation,/(B) said Aadhaar numbers,/(C) names and other personal details of people has been leaked./(D) no error./(E)

Ques 3

If local election will not held/(A) in May as scheduled, it will also make it difficult/(B) for sets of constitutionally mandated parliamentary/(C) elections to be held by the January 2018 deadline./(D) No error /(E) 

Ques 4

Among Chinese objectives of the BRI are finding outlets for access capacity of/(A) its manufacturing and construction industries, increasing economoic activity in/(B) its relatively underdeveloped western region, and creating alternative/(C) energy supply routes to choke points of the straits of Hormuz and Malacca./(D) no error./(E)

Ques 5.

When my brother/(A) has come home last Sunday/(B) he said that they had/(C) threatened to kill him./(D) no error./(E)

Ques 6.

The fact that Chenchus enjoy a symbiotic relationship /(A)with the Nallamala was recognised early/(B) by the British, that control the southern part and gave them rights/(C) not just to stay inside the forest but also do subsistence farming and grazing./(D) no error./(E)

Ques 7.

After the election of A.P.J. Abdul Kalam in 2002,/(A) when major parties barring the left were agreed/(B) on the choice, India has not had a apolitical presidential candidate/(C) acceptable to both the congress and the BJP./(D) no error. (E)

Ques 8.

I opposed the war in Iraq precisely/(A) so I believe that we must exercise restraint/(B) in the use of military force, and always consider/(C) the long-term consequences of our actions./(D) no error. /(E)

Ques 9.

As the court enters its 150th year/(A) and celebrations are being planned/(B) on a big scale, it is high time a social/(C) audit is done on its performance./(D) no error. (E)

Ques 10.

Although India has/(A) all natural resources/(B) even then it is not developed./(C) no error./(D)

Answers with solutions

1. Ans. A. 

"Between" instead of "among"
(Because between can be used only for two items and among must be used for more than two.)

2. Ans. D. 

"Have" instead of "has"
(Because have is used for plural noun and here people is a plural noun)

3. Ans. A. 

"Are" instead of "will"
(Because condition can never be in future)

4. Ans. A. 

"Excess" instead of "Access"
(Because access means approach and excess means more than desired) 

5. Ans. B. 

"Came" at the place of "has come"
(Because we can’t use has/have with any past word)

6. Ans. C. 

"Who" instead of "that"
(Because we have an antecedent(noun) the British so we have to use a subjective relative pronoun)

7. Ans. C. 

"An" instead of "a"
(Article error )

8. Ans. B. 

"Because" instead of "so"
(When the dependent clause is placed first in a sentence we should use because)

9. Ans. D. 

It is (high) time + past subjunctive
(It is high time + past subjunctive expresses that something should be done and that it is already a bit late.)

10. Ans. C. 

(When the though/although clause comes before the main clause, we usually put a comma at the end of the clause.)

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