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Error Spotting Quiz From The Hindu: Part 5

Published on Sunday, May 07, 2017
Directions: In the questions below, some parts of the sentences have errors and some are correct. Find out which part of a sentence has an error and mark that as your answer. If a sentence is free from error, choose the “No Error” option.

Ques 1. 

Advocate general Kamal Trivedi suggested that/(A) the court leave it to the commission to decide whether/(B) to summons Mr. Modi or not and allow it to function under its /(C) own rules and procedures as per the Act./(D) no error /(E)

Ques 2. 

I probably /(A)would have been better off/(B) if I just pulled down /(C)  my schedule on Friday.//(D) no error/(E)

Ques 3. 

Suppose if your logic is accepted /(A), anyone in an important position must/(B)  resign when an allegation is made  /(C) , which the man denies./(D) no error /(E)

Ques 4. 

This would have involved no cost to the ordinary law-abiding /(A) citizen but still provided the government with/(B)  all the informations it needs to ensure legal and /(C)  tax compliance from such individuals/(D)  no error/(E)

Ques 5. 

Mr. Sawada elaborated, would be mainly on account for/(A) of improved terms of trade, a cyclical recovery and indications/(B)  that the impact of demonitisation on cash /(C)  reliant sectors was relatively short term./(D)  /no error/(E)

Ques 6. 

Mr. Ban’s announcement Sunday night that Iran was invited /(A) for Montreux angered Syria’s main Western-backed opposition group/(B)  which over the weekend had announced it would  /(C) join the talks after intense international pressure/(D)  no error/(E)

Ques 7. 

The United States and India look after/(A) more partnerships moving forward/(B)  that benefit both the  /(C) United States and India in this global economy./(D)  no error/(E)

Ques 8. 

The former President sought/(A) to promote the concept of “citizen of earth” /(B) by drawing from a social /(C)  media message he received from an Indian youth working in South Korea/(D)  no error/(E)

Ques 9. 

During my current visit to United States, the relevant departments,/(A) institutions and enterprises of the two countries/(B)  have signed a number of cooperation agreements and  /(C) reached agreement on a series of new cooperation projects./(D)  no error /(E)

Ques 10. 

At 32 percent, north Bengaluru/(A) have the highest percentage of people/(B)  who are not willing to spend /(C) more than Rs 50,000 per annum in school fees/(D)  no error /(E)

Answers with Solutions

1. Ans. C.

Summon instead of summons
(Because summon (Verb) means call in an official matter)

2. Ans. C.

Add had before just
(Because if the condition is in past perfect then the result should follow this rule
If-had+v3rd form……..  Result - (would have +v3rd form
                                                          Could have +v3rd form
                                                         Might have +v3rd form)

3. Ans. A.

Remove suppose 
(Because here suppose is superfluous so remove suppose)

4. Ans. C.

Information instead of informations
(Because uncountable noun are used in the singular forms only)

5. Ans. A.

On account of instead of account for 
(Because on account of means because of something and account for means explain the reason)

6. Ans. B.

To instead of for
(Because whenever we talk about invited we use the term to with it)

7. Ans. A.

Look for instead of look after
(Because look after use for take care of and look for means search for a lost thing)

8. Ans. E.

There is no error in this sentence.

9.  Ans. A.

Add the before United States
(Article error)

10, Ans. B.

Has instead of have
(Because we are talking about Bengaluru which is a singular subject)

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