Miscellaneous Quiz With Solutions: Part 1



The income of A and B in the ratio of 4:5. A spent 1/4 of the income on petrol and 2/5 of the income on cloth and after that he saves Rs. 1260. Find the income of B.

A. 3600
B. 4500
C. 3000
D. 3500
E. None of these


A container contains milk and water in the ratio of 6:7. If 26 liter of the mixture are replaced by water then the ratio will be 4:9. Find the initial quantity of mixture.

A. 76 litre
B. 75 litre
C. 78 litre
D. 70 litre
E. None of these


 The average age of A, B, C and D is x year. If the average age of A and D is 21.5, C and D is 22.5, A and B is 22.5 and C and B is 23.5. Find the value of x.

A. 23.5
B. 22.5
C. 20.5
D. 21.5
E. None of these

Ques 4 

Of the three numbers, A is twice than B and B is thrice than C. If the average of A, B and C is 20. C is how much % less than B?

A. 25%
B. 50%
C. 33.33%
D. 66.66%
E. None of these


In a two digit number, the digit in unit place is 3 more than the digit in 10th place. If the ratio between the sum of digits and the difference of digits of that number is 5:1. What is that number?

A. 58
B. 25
C. 69
D. 36
E. None of these

Solutions With Answers

1. Ans: B

2. Ans: C

3. Ans: B

4. Ans: D

5. Ans: C


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