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Error Spotting Quiz From The Hindu: Part 7

Published on Saturday, May 13, 2017
Directions: In the questions below, some parts of the sentences have errors and some are correct. Find out which part of a sentence has an error and mark that as your answer. If a sentence is free from error, choose the “No Error” option. 

1. France’s choice of pro-EU Emmanuel Macron over Eurosceptic/(A) Marine Le Pen has sparked euphoria at Brussels,/(B) but analysts warn his ambitions for profound change/(C) in the European Union will prove challenging./(D) no error./(E)

2. After a resounding victory in Sunday’s runoff,/(A) Emmanuel Macron will be sworn in as/(B) France next president at the Elysee palace on May 14,/(C) outgoing president Francois Hollande said../(D) no error./(E)

 3. In comparison to politically fraught changes — for instance, the 13th Amendment to the Sri Lankan/(A)  Constitution for the devolution of powers, or federalist reforms in Nepal/(B) — digital identity schemes are easiest to implement, can strengthen local/(C) governments and support the financial inclusion of marginalised sections../(D).no error./(E)

4. South Asian governments, long content/(A) to gather data through traditional mean/(B) such as censuses, are struggling/(C) to capture dynamic trends in their population../(D) no error./(E)

5. In its latest report on Uttarakhand’s finances submitted in the State Assembly/(A)  during a special two-day session earlier this month, the CAG said he was a/(B) “gross contravention” of Uttarakhand Budget Manual 2012/(C) which stipulates monthly reconciliation of expenditures by departments./(D) no error./(E)

6. The Special Task Force (STF) of the UP Police/(A) claimed on Monday to have arrested a man /(B) who allegedly supplied remote-controlled electronic chips/(C) which was used by several petrol pumps to dupe customers../(D) no error./(E)

7. Reacting to the allegation,/(A)  the Chief Minister said Mr. Shah/(B) was a very “light-weight/(C) leader and not some big gun”../(D) no error /(E)

8. The eight include members of the seven-judge Bench/(A)  headed by Chief Justice of India/(B) J.S. Khehar, which had in February issue a/(C) contempt order against him../(D) no error./(E)

9. As many as 1,137 men, 374 women and 19 children apart from/(A)  302 sadhus left from the Bhagwati Nagar base camp/(B) in Jammu in a cavalcade of 63 vehicles for the/(C) 13,500-feet high cave shrine situated in south Kashmir Himalayas../(D) no error /(E)

10. She says a key similarity between the East and the West is in the tools and technology used in compositing/(A)  and animation: “For the bigger projects in Hollywood, though, you would have a bigger team/(B) of coders, writing scripts on how to make things more streamlined/(C) but now with projects like Baahubali , India has really landmarked themselves.”./(D) no error/(E)

Answers & Explanations

1. Ans. B. 

In instead of at
(Because we use at for small places and in for a big city or country) 

2. Ans. C. 

France’s instead of France
(Because We use apostrophe s (’s), also called possessive ’s, as a determiner to show that something belongs to someone or something)

3. Ans. C. 

Easier instead of easiest
(Because we need to use comparative degree instead of superlative)

4. Ans. B. 

Means instead of mean
(Because Means:- We use it to talk about a method of doing something
Mean:- We can use mean + noun to talk about one thing resulting in another)

5. Ans. B. 

It instead of He
(Because we are talking about CAG which is an organization, not a person)

6. Ans. D. 

Were instead of was
(Because chips are plural subject so we have to use plural verb with it)

7. Ans. D. 

Any instead of some
(Because We use any for indefinite quantities in questions and negative sentences. We use some in affirmative sentences)

8. Ans. C. 

Issued instead of issue
(Because the sentence is in passive voice)

9. Ans. E. 

No error

10. Ans. D. 

Itself instead of themselves
(Because itself used to emphasise the subject when it is a thing, animal, situation, city, country)

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