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Sentence Rearrangement Quiz: Part 4

Published on Friday, May 12, 2017
Direction: Rearrange the following seven sentences to form a meaningful paragraph and then answer the question given below:

A. The court probably had few options but to act in defence of its reputation by holding him guilty of contempt of court — a finding that is unexceptionable.

B. It is singularly unfortunate that the Supreme Court’s efforts to discipline Justice C.S. Karnan of the Calcutta High Court has had to end in a six-month prison term for contempt of court.
C. Therefore, it remains a pertinent question whether the court could not have waited for his imminent retirement so that the country is spared the unseemly event of a high court judge being arrested while in office.
D. He had repeatedly sought to pass purported judicial orders in his own cause.
E. With the recalcitrant judge making it a habit to bring the institution into ridicule by his aberrant behaviour,
F. He had not only flung irresponsible charges of corruption against several judges, but also sought to make political capital out of his Dalit identity.
G. His arrest will undoubtedly mark an abysmally low moment in the country’s judicial history.

1. Which of the following should be the fourth sentence after rearrangement?
i. E
ii. D
iii. B
iv. C
v. F

2. Which of the following should be the first sentence after rearrangement?
i. G
ii. C
iii. E
iv. B
v. A

3. Which of the following should be the third sentence after rearrangement?
i. F
ii. C
iii. A
iv. D
v. E

4. Which of the following should be the second sentence after rearrangement?
i. E
ii. B
iii. F
iv. G
v. C

5. Which of the following should be the sixth sentence after rearrangement?
i. D
ii. E
iii. F
iv. G
v. A

6. Which of the following should be the fifth sentence after rearrangement? 
i. F
ii. C
iii. A
iv. D
v. E

Answers & Solutions

The correct rearrangement is: B, E, A, F, D, G, C
  • As we can see that there are only two sentences in the paragraph which can be the first sentence and these two sentences are (A and B) so now we need to find out that which can be the first sentence. 
  • Now we should focus on him (pronoun) in sentence A so we can’t understand that we are talking about whom and sentence B we have a noun Justice C.S. Karnan so it should be the first sentence. 
  • According to our first sentence Supreme court had to pass the order of C.S. Karnan’s prison and now we need to find out why Supreme court had passed it and it has given in the sentence E so our second sentence must be sentence E. 
  • As we can see that there is a (, ) in the last of sentence E now we have to connect it with its second part and here in all other three sentences we have pronoun he or his which can’t connect with this sentence because they are talking about his behaviour not about him so it will be the sentence A. 
  • Now sentence F says what he had done and sentence D shows that how he takes benefit of being a Dalit hence it can be a pair FD according chronology. 
  • Now we have remaining two sentences in which one sentence has a word therefore, that is used for conclusion and in this sentence therefore is functioning as thus which also mean conclusion.
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