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Daily Vocabulary From The Hindi: Day 2

Published on Monday, June 19, 2017

Clamour: Verb

  • Meaning: चिल्लाना 
  • Synonym: Shout, Yell, Demand. Roar, Scream
  • Antonym: Silence, Quiet, Tranquil
  • Verb: Clamour
  • When I am working in my home office, my kids often clamour for my attention
  • Noun: Clamourousness
  • The clamorousness of this city is disturbing
  • Adjective: Clamourous
  • The clamorous noise kept us awake all night.
  • Adverb: Clamourously
  • He demanded to get service clamorously.

Vitiate: Verb

  • Meaning:  भ्रष्ट करना
  • Synonyms:  contaminate, befoul, debauch, defile, poisoning
  • Antonym: cleanse, purify; dignify, elevate, ennoble, enshrine, glorify, hallow, magnify, uplift
  • Vitiate (Verb)
  • The impact of the film was vitiated by poor acting.
  • Noun: Vitiation
  • Other sources of vitiation are adequately provided against and need not be considered.

Exaggeration:  Noun

  • Meaning: अतिशयोक्ति
  • Synonym: Overstatement, Overemphasis, Magnification, Amplification,  Elaboration
  • Antonym:  belittle, minimise, play down, understate
  • Noun: Exaggeration
  • Shyam's version of the accident was a real exaggeration;
  • Verb: Exxagerate
  • We must not exaggerate this story
  • Adjective: Exaggerated
  • He told you the exaggerated version of the story

Dispensation: Noun

  • व्यवस्था, वितरण
  • root word: di/s apart, away,  not,
  • Synonyms: system, arrangement, order, regime, dispensation, organisation, distribution, delivery, dispensation, dealing
  • Antonyms:  deny, deprive,  keep, retain, stint, withhold; appropriate, arrogate, confiscate
  • Noun: Dispensation
  • It is one of the most remarkable cultural dispensations in the country's history
  • Verb: Dispense
  • At the poker table, the dealer will dispense five cards

Dwindle: Verb

  • सूखना, क्षीण होना
  • Synonym: shrivel, droop, dry, desiccate, become dry, fade,, wane, languish, decay, peak
  •  increase. magnify, bloom, grow shine
  • Verb: Dwindle
  • We have seen our natural resources dwindle in all areas of the world
  • Adjective: Dwindling
  • The Dwindling condition of natural resources is a matter of concern for all countries.
  • Noun: Dwindlement
  • The Dwindlement in the natural resources has reached an alarming stage.

Meticulous: Adjective

  • Meaning: नुकताचीन, सूक्ष्म अवगुण ढूंढ़नेवाला
  • Synonyms: subtle, minute, scrupulous, sensitive, finicky, dainty, carping, snappish, choosy Antonym: inattentive, incautious, mindless
  • Adjective: Meticulous:
  • Because Haley is a meticulous cleaner, every inch of her house is spotless. This accounting job requires a meticulous person.
  • Adverb: Meticulously
  • She does her job meticulously
  • Noun: Meticulosity
  • The meticulosity innate to women is helpful for smooth progress of space-based experiments,


स्पष्ट, निस्संदेह
Obvious, Manifest, Undoubted, Professed, Indubitable, Unimpeachable
Antonym: Dubious, Unreliable
The information is from an unimpeachable source.
Noun: Unimpeachability
The unimpeachability of this resource is the benchmark for the industry.

Ubiquitous: Adjective

Synonym: universal, ubiquitary
Antonym: Rare, scarce
When I was a kid, I thought my parents were ubiquitous

surreptitious: Adjective

छल से किया हुआ
Synonyms secret, stealthy, clandestine, secretive, sneaky, sly, furtive, concealed, hidden,
Antonyms: blatant, open, honest
The dog has his surreptitious ways of stealing table scraps behind my back.

Contemptuously: Adverb

नफ़रत से, तिरस्कारपूर्वक
Synonyms: contemptibly, insultingly, scornfully, vituperatively
Antonyms: regardful, respectful; admiring, applauding, appreciative, approving
Adjective: Contemptuous
Noun: Contempt
Since my husband was not born in America, my father acts in a contemptuous manner towards him.
Since my husband was not born in America, my father treats him contemptuously. 
Sarah is a wonderful person who has never shown contempt for anyone.

Remunerative: Adjective

Synonyms: Advantageous, profitable, rewarding, remunerative, advantageously, lucrative
Antonyms: disadvantageous, unfavourable
Adjective: Remunerative
The college decided not to renew the professor’s grant because his research had not been remunerative to the school.
Noun: remuneration
These days it seems most corporate leaders earn a great deal of remuneration for doing very little work.
Verb: remunerate
He is remunerated for his services by a fixed fee for each day the court sits.

languish (Verb): 

  • Meaning: सुस्त
  • Synonyms: sluggish, slack, lethargic, slow, stale, rancid, musty, dopey, languishing, pithless,  decay, droop, emaciate
  • Antonym: energetic, healthy, rebound, recover, recuperate; gain, vital
  • Verb: Languish
  • If I don’t bother him, my cat will languish on the windowsill all day long.
  • Adjective languishing
  • My cat's languishing traits are really adorable.
  • Adverb languishingly
  • My cat loves to sit languishingly all day long. 
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