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Tricks to Remember Important Days of February

Published on Thursday, June 29, 2017
In this article, we learn how to remember important days easily by developing tricks
Trick to remember important days of February


2 wetlanders on 3rd cancer awareness day went to 6 female mutilation centres to safeguard the internet and took 11 promises for the sick of 12 women’s health.
  • Wetlanders – world wetlands day 
  • Cancer awareness day – World cancer awareness day & World cancer day 
  • Female mutilation - International zero tolerance to female mutilation 
  • Safe Internet - International Safer Internet day 
  • Promises for the sick - World day of the sick, promise day 
  • Women’s health - International day of women’s health
Day Importance
Feb 2 World Wetlands day
Feb 3 World cancer awareness day
Feb 4 World cancer day
Feb 6 International zero tolerance to female mutilation
Feb 8 International Safer Internet day
Feb 11 World day of the sick, promise day
Feb 12 International day of women’s health, Darwin day

Trick 2

On 13th world Radio day & 14th national donor day awareness programme was conducted for 15 Children with Cancer by 20 Social Justice Departments
  • World radio day – world radio day 
  • National donor day – national donor day 
  • Children with cancer – International childhood cancer day 
  • Social justice - World day of social justice
Day Importance
Feb 13 World radio day
Feb 14 National donor day
Feb 15 International childhood cancer day
Feb 20 World day of social justice


On 21st international mother language day, 22 scouts began to think of maintaining peace at 23rd world peace and understanding summit which was supported by 24 central excise members.
  • International mother language day - International Mother language day 
  • Think - world thinking day 
  • World peace and understanding - World peace and understanding day 
  • Central excise - Central excise day
Day Importance
Feb 21 International mother language day
Feb 22 world thinking day
Feb 23 World peace and understanding day
Feb 24 Central excise day
Feb 28 National Science day
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