Direction & Distance Quiz: Part 1

Directions (Q. 1-5): Read the directions carefully and answer the question:

  • P#Q means P is 3 km. south of Q
  • P$Q means P is 4 km. west of Q
  • P%Q means P is 2 km. north of Q
  • P&Q means P is 5 km. east of Q

Q.1 According to given expression what is the direction of A with respect to E?

A. North - West
B. South - East
C. East
D. South - West
E. South

Q.2 If the direction of M with respect to P is North – East then what should come at the place of question mark in the given expression?

A. $
B. %
C. #
D. &
E. None of these

Q.3 According to given expression what is the shortage distance between G and K?

A. √1
B. 2√2
C. √3
D. √2
E. None of these
Q.4 Which of the following expressions means ‘Z’ is in the North – East of ‘W’?

A. W%X$Y%Z
B. W#X$Y%Z
C. W#X&Y%Z
D. A and B
E. None of these

Q.5 According to given expression what is the longest distance between A and E?

A. 15 km.
B. 10 km.
C. 12 km.
D. 18 km.
E. 20 km.

Answers With Solution

1. Ans. B.


2. Ans. D.


3. Ans. D.

Shortest distance = √(12+12)
= 2

4. Ans. B.


5. Ans. A.


= 15 km.

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