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New Pattern Cloze Test from The Economist: Part 2

Published on Monday, July 03, 2017
Directions (1-10): In the passage given below, there are 10 blanks, each followed by a word given in bold and has four alternative words given in options (a), (b), (c) and (d). You have to tell which word will best suit in the given blank. Mark (e) as your answer if the word given in bold after the blank is your answer.
Darren Osborne, a middle-aged man from Cardiff, has been arrested on ---------- (1) knowledge--------of terrorism offences, including murder and attempted murder. The police and government are clear in --------- (2) describing------ the attack as terrorism. Theresa May ---------- (3) agglomerating --------- an emergency COBRA meeting. It is not known if the attacker had link to extremist groups or was a ‘lone wolf’. But his actions have turned attention back to the threat from the far right.
Prevent, part of the government’s counter-terrorism strategy, is often ------- (4) criticised------ for focusing unfairly on Muslims. In fact, it deals with all forms of extremism. In 2015 around 15% of all referrals to channel, a -------(5)encourage--------- programme that offers those identified as at risk of ----------(6) radicalisation---------- a mix of education, counselling and support, were related to the far right against 705 for Islamist extremism. The proportion varies locally. In Leicestershire about a quarter are for far-right extremism and half of the Islamist sort. In South Wales and Yorkshire, it could be more like 50-50, ---------- (7) totalling---------- Sean Arbuthnot, a Prevent co-ordinator.
The political threat from right extremists has never be weaker, says Vidhya Ramalingam, founder of Moon-shot, an organisation that combats online violent extremism. Support for the far-right British National Party, which won more than 560,000 in the 2010general election has -------- (8) debacle---------. In 2017, it look just 4,642. Its short-lived political ------- (9) forfeit------ may have contributed to its downfall; activist may have -------- (10) soothe-------- at the party’s attempts to become a legitimate political movement.

1. Find out the appropriate word:
a) Information
b) suspicion
c) alarming
d) ease
e) No change

2. Find out the appropriate word.
a) Confusing
b) Mix up
c) Detailed
d) Cursory
e) No change

3. Find out the appropriate word.
a) Call off
b) Disperse
c) Convened
d) Glean
e) No change.

4. Find out the appropriate word:
a) Approve
b) Laud
c) Evaluating
d) Gratify
e) No change

5. Find out the appropriate word
a) Anticipating
b) Allow
c) Apprehending
d) Prevent
e) No change

6. Find out the appropriate word
a) Moderate
b) Conservative
c) Believer
d) Conformist
e) No change

7. Find out the appropriate word
a) Calculating
b) Esteemed
c) Neglect
d) Reckons
e) No change

8. Find out the appropriate word:
a) Bankruptcy
b) Build-up
c) Increased
d) Collapsed
e) No change

9. Find out the appropriate word:
a) Failure
b) Loss
c) Success
d) defeat
e) no change

10. Find out the appropriate word:
a) Damaging
b) Chafed
c) Impair
d) Content
e) No change


1. b) suspicion
2. e) No change
3. c) Convened
4. e) No change
5. d) Prevent
6. e) No change
7. d) Reckons
8. d) Collapsed
9. c) Success
10. b) Chafed 
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