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Tricks To Remeber Important Days of March

Published on Tuesday, July 04, 2017


On 3rd defence day,  4 safety measures were taken against 8 women which is a custom of 11th Muslim culture because 13 were dead due to kidney failure & Smoking.

  • Defence day – National defence day 
  • Safety measures – National Safety day 
  • Women – International women’s day 
  • Muslim culture – World day of Muslim culture 
  • Kidney failure – World Kidney day 
  • Smoking – No smoking day
Day Importance
March 3 National defence day(India)
March 4 National safety day (India)
March 8 International women’s day
March 11 World day of Muslim culture, peace, Dialogue
March 13 World Kidney day, No smoking day


On 14th day of action for rivers,15 were disabled due to consumer rights, who were given 16 vaccinations against 18 ordinance factories.
  • Action for rivers - International day of Action for Rivers
  • Disabled - World disabled day
  • Consumer rights - World consumer rights day
  • Vaccinations - National vaccination day
  • Ordinance factories - Ordinance factories day (India)
Day Importance
March 14 International day of Action for Rivers
March 15 World consumer rights day, World disabled day
March 16 National vaccination day
March 18 Ordinance factories day (India)


On 20th world day of happiness 21forest departments gave 22 awards for water board and 23 awards for the metrological board who served 24 tuberculosis achievers to remember 25 victims of slavery, a ceremony was conducted at 27th theatre of Bangalore.
World day of happiness - world day of happiness
  • Forest department - World Forestry day 
  • Water board - World day for water 
  • Metrological board - World Meteorological day 
  • Tuberculosis - World Tuberculosis day 
  • Achievers - UN day for Achievers 
  • Victims of slavery - Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery 
  • Theatre - World Theatre day
March 20 World day of Happiness, World House Sparrow day
March 21 World Forestry day
March 22 World day for water
March 23 World Meteorological day
March 24 UN day for Achievers, World Tuberculosis day
March 25 Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery
March 27 World Theatre day, World drama day

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