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Vocabulary From Economic Times: 10 July 2017

Published on Monday, July 10, 2017

1. Face-off: सामना करना 

A direct confrontation between two people or groups
Example: Doklam isn’t the first India- China military face-off on the unsettled boundary,

2. Deciphering: व्याख्या करना/ गूढ़ रहस्य 

Decode, explain, interpret, illustrate, expound, gloss
Example: A cottage industry of China watchers has flourished in India over many decades, earning their spurs on doing exactly this kind of deciphering and decoding.

3. Barge: घुसना 

Move forcefully or roughly; push, shove, jostle, bludgeon
Example: Indian troops have barged in there without any locus stand.

4. Sanctity: पवित्रता 

Purity, inviolability, sainthood, cleanness, clean, holiness, sacredness, piety, piousness
Example: Beijing has directly questioned the sanctity of the politically mandated high-level SR process.

5. Articulation: अभिव्यक्ति 

Expression, utterance, voicing, declaration, statement
Example: Politically, this is a new articulation from China.

6. Retracting: इनकार करना/ वापस लेना 

negate, deny, disallow, retract, negative, disavow, withdraw
Example: Politically, this is a new articulation from China that has created doubts on whether the way is being paved for retracting from the 2003 understanding.

7. Behest: आदेश 

Order, garnishee order, ukase, wish, desire, requirement, instruction 
Example: But now that stands suspended at Chinese behest.

8. Defunct: निर्जीव 

No longer existing or functioning; lifeless, disused, unused, in-operative, non-functioning, obsolete
Example: Rajiv Gandhi in 1989 got the first joint mechanism on the boundary that went defunct in over a decade

9. Concord: समझौता 

Agreement, compromise, deal, settlement, understanding, unison
Example: Is there now a need for fresh political direction, a new concord suited to present times?

10. Trek: यात्रा 

Travel, journey, tour, passage, iteration
Example: A Yatra is Trek of Faith.

11. Evince: प्रकट करना 

Unfold, reveal, disclose, declare, manifest, show, exhibit
Example: Tatas have evinced interest in acquiring Air India,

12. Decrepit: जर्जर 

Worn out or ruined because of age or neglect; run-down, broken-down, tumble-down, ramshackle, derelict
Example: It is only befitting that the great airline, now decrepit, goes back into the hands of the business house that founded and nurtured it in its formative years.

13. Revere: सम्मान 

Feel deep respect or admiration for (something); admire, esteem, appreciate, cherish
Example: JR D Tata was respected as a visionary business leader and was revered for his humanitarian and charitable work through the Tata Trusts.

14. Intrepid: निडर 

Berserk, undaunted, bold, dauntless, courageous, unalarmed, undaunted
Example: He was also looked up to as an intrepid aviator.

15. Jaded: थका हुआ 

Physically tired; exhausted, fatigued, worn out, weary, tired
Example: Air India is still a jewel, though jaded.

16. Prudence: 

बुद्धिमानी/ सावधानी Wisdom, intelligence, discretion, sapience, sanity, caution, common sense
Example: If the government acts with prudence and transparency, it can still unlock its true value and potential.

17. Escrow: निलंब संपत्ति 

A bond, deed, or other document kept in the custody of a third party and taking effect only when a specified condition has been fulfilled
Example: The shortlisted bidders must first deposit the reserve price in an escrow account and the bid must close within 6-8 hours of commencing.

18. Knotty: पेचीदा 

Extremely difficult or complex; tangled, complicated, intricate, labyrinthine, involute, tortuous
Example: This is a knotty issue.

19. Wherewithal: 

साधन Money, ready money, cash, capital, resources, funds, reserves
Example: Tatas are probably the only group that has the vision, leadership depth, management skills, wherewithal backed by a war chest.

20. Conglomerate: संचित/एकत्र 

Cumulative, cumulate, mixture, amalgamation, mingling, combination
Example: The Earth is a specialized conglomerate of organisms.
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