Vocabulary from Economic Times: 17 July 2017

Published on Monday, July 17, 2017
Vocabulary from Economic Times: 17 July 2017

1. Spoilsport: कबाब में हड्डी 

A person who behaves in a way that spoils others' pleasure, especially by not joining in an activity; killjoy, dog in the manger, misery, damper
Example: Some ‘alt-news’- slaying website decided to play the spoilsport.

2. Menace: खतरा 

Be a threat or possible danger to; hazard, danger, peril, to put at risk, jeopardise, imperil
Example: Now, rumours have become a menace.

3. Contagion: रोग-संचार 

The communication of disease from one person or organism to another by close contact; infection, taint, contamination, disease, illness
Example: It is almost like an information contagion infecting unsuspecting minds at the speed of light.

4. Sinister: भयावह 

Giving the impression that something harmful or evil is happening or will happen; terrible, fearful, ghastly, menacing, threatening, ominous
Example: Many of these are really sinister.

5. Nebulous: अस्पष्ट 

Vague, obscure, ambiguous, unclear, unreadable
Example: Rumours are way of making sense of a stressful and nebulous situation by theorising on one’s own and through others when no acceptable information is available.

6. Outlandish: विचित्र 

Looking or sounding bizarre or unfamiliar; weird, queer, offbeat, far out, freakish
Example: With Photoshop, a person can make the most outlandish claims believable.

7. Preposterous: निरर्थक 

Fruitless, futile, fiddling, insignificant, void
Example: A transformed or ‘photo-shopped’ image can help even a preposterous claim survive for a long time.

8. Uneasiness: बेचैनी 

Discomfort, restlessness, malaise, dither, disquiet
Example: One hypothesis is that they believe that sharing their own anxieties with others lessens the uneasiness.

9. Cue: संकेत 

Signal, sign, indication, hint, clue
Example: There appears to be an ‘I-believe in- it-so-I’ll-pass-it-on’ kind of vested interest working as a transmission cue.

10. Raven: काला कौआ 

A large heavily built crow with mainly black plumage, feeding chiefly on carrion
Example: Even in cases where a preposterous claim, such as where someone saw a green sun last Sunday, or the ‘fact’ that all ravens are white in New Zealand, is allowed to pass, a choice is made based on our own experiences and sensibilities.

11. Mutate: रूप बदलना

 Transfigure, convert, modify, metamorphose
Example: Often the original rumour gets mutated in the process.

12. Refute: झूठा ठहराना 

Disprove, confute, rebut, tear down
Example: Refute the rumour and all its mutated forms by ‘attacking’ it from every possible angle.

13. Gospel: सुसमाचार 

A thing that is absolutely true; the naked truth, God’s truth, honest truth
Example: Given that many of us believe tweets to be gospel truth, a lightning counteroffensive alone can contain damage.

14. Frenetic: उन्मत्त 

Fast and energetic in a rather wild and uncontrolled way; frantic, mad, maniac, ecstatic
Example: During the main event [announcement by the research group at CERN] the activity became frenetic and its time scale reduced to 2 seconds without a specific spatial pattern.

15. Genie: जिन्न

 A spirit of Arabian folklore, as depicted traditionally imprisoned within a bottle or oil lamp, and capable of granting wishes when summoned
Example: The only way to contain the damage caused by the rumour genie is to educate the masses.

16. Despicable: घिनौना 

Slimy, odious, sordid, disgusting, abominable
Example: China may have been a rising economic giant rivalling the US, but its track record on the human rights front is despicable.

17. Credo: पंथ 

A statement of the beliefs or aims which guide someone's actions
Example: Glad-handing has been always been a crucial part of a politician’s credo.

18. Trenchant: तीव्र/प्रखर 

Intense, strong, severe, crispy, dire
Example: Even the most trenchant critics would have to concede that Prime Minister Narendra Modi trumped the US president’s signature shake-and-yank manoeuvre.

19. Concede: स्वीकार करना 

Accept, admit, confess, recognise, avow
Example: Even the most trenchant critics would have to concede that Prime Minister Narendra Modi trumped the US president’s signature shake-and-yank manoeuvre.

20. Tautology: पुनरुक्ति

A tautology is a logical sentence that is true under all possible circumstances, or true by virtue of its form.
Example: When the lawyer spoke to the jury, he used tautology to make the jurors aware of his point without being repetitive.

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