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Vocabulary From Economic Times: 4 July 2017

Published on Tuesday, July 04, 2017

1. BACKDROP: पृष्ठभूमि 

Background, the general situation in which particular events happen.
Example: Against the backdrop of recent tensions and strong differences in position, the visit demonstrated Prime Minister Modi’s diplomatic skills and his stature as a global leader.

2. STATURE: डील-डौल 

Importance or reputation gained by ability or achievement, superiority, supremacy, eminence.
Example: Prime Minister is a leader of international stature.

3. STEWARDSHIP: नेतृत्व 

The job of supervising or taking care of something, such as an organization or property
Example: Under Modi’s stewardship, India is becoming a world leader.

4. UNLEASH: खोल देना 

Unzip, unpack, unscrew, unwrap, unwind 
Example: Government efforts can unleash people’s potential.

5. LEVERAGE: लाभ उठाने

 Use something to maximum advantage.
Example: The nation needs to leverage its key resources.

6. STATUS QUO: यथास्थिति 

The existing state of affairs, especially regarding social or political issue
Example: People are anyway going to cry, it is difficult, everybody likes the status quo.

7. FATHOM: थाह लेना 

Probe, understand, comprehend, catch
Example: The market acts like a woman, very difficult to fathom.


Distrustful, suspicious, suspecting, filled with doubt, alarmed
Example: The market has paused because people are very apprehensive.

9. INTERIM: अंतरिम 

Meantime, meanwhile, interlude, interregnum
Example: May be the concern of inflation is because of the fear that the tax benefits will not be passed on to the consumers in the interim?

10. SLATE: उम्मीद 

To be expected to happen in the future or to be expected to be or do something in the future
Example: If I was slated for a price increase in June and the taxes come down, I do not take the price increase.

11. INTANGIBLE: अमूर्त 

Untouchable, abstract, incorporeal, immaterial, abstractive
Example: There are going to be as many intangible gains as there are going to be tangible gains.

12. POISE: संतुलन/तैयार 

Ready, balance, equilibrium, equilibration, symmetry, moderation
Example: I personally feel India is poised for double-digit growth.


Delay, avoidance, evasion, dalliance, evasiveness 
Example: Our procrastination to depart caused us to miss the train.

14. ONUS: दायित्व 

Obligation, Devoir, responsibility, duty, charge
Example: The onus is on the Congress to come up with a solid agenda.

15. COHERENT: स्पष्ट 

Clear, apparent, pronounced, glaring, straightforward
Example: According to Nitish Kumar, the onus is on the Congress to come up with a coherent agenda.

16. INSTAL: अभिषेक 

Swear in, induct, put, position, install
Example: The RJD must dump any ambition to instal a chief minister from the party halfway

17. REIN: नियंत्रण 

Control, command, monitoring, curb, rein, check
Example: The RJD must rein in elements that can disrupt the present government’s core USP.

18. PRAGMATIST: व्यवहारवादी 

A person who is guided more by practical considerations than by ideals
Example: This is the ace that the master pragmatist holds in his sleeve.

19. CHOPPY: समुद्र, जिसमें जोर की लहरें उठ रही हों 

Rough, full of waves, turbulent, storm-tossed
Example: Sea conditions are often very choppy.

20. CHAOTIC: अराजक 

Anarchic, faithless, factious, anarchical, disloyal, confused
Example: As part of the Opposition, and a rather chaotic one, Kumar can be the big fish in the smaller, yet choppy, pond.

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