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Vocabulary From Economic Times: 5 July 2017

Published on Wednesday, July 05, 2017

1. Pan Out: फूलना-फलना/सफल हो जाना 

Get on, get along, make good, wangle
Example: On the eve of SBI’s 4th Banking and Economics Conclave, SBI chairman says how the government and bank’s initiatives would pan out.

2. Conducive: अनुकूल 

Making a certain situation or outcome likely or possible
Example: How do you ensure that the labour laws are conducive to creating more employment?

3. Attuned: अनुकूल 

Condition, aware, accustom, make receptive
Example: How do you ensure that the companies’ law is properly attuned to the current requirements of the industry?

4. Escalation: वृद्धि 

Hike, advance, growth, upsurge, upturn, upswing
Example: Better monitoring and escalation of issues that are getting delayed will help in industry being able to quickly get on the ground and do the job.

5. Bifurcation: विभाजन 

The division of something into two branches or parts
Example:  There should be bifurcation of profession.

6. Bankruptcy: दिवालियापन

 The state of being bankrupt, failure, liquidation, insolvency, indebtedness
Example:  Bankruptcy code is one the great achievements.

7. Moot: विवादास्पद 

Debatable, disputable, vexed, objectionable
Example:  The moot point is that the alternatives are very few.

8. Synergy: सहयोग 

The interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects
Example:  There might be synergies (Plural form) of cultural fit.

9. Portfolio: विभाग 

A range of investments held by a person or organization
Example:  There might be synergies of different portfolios (Plural form).

10. Elusive: मायावी 

Deceptive, difficult to find, catch or achieve
Example: Some things are still elusive.

11. Defer: टालना 

Avert, avoid, cast aside, stave off, postpone
Example:  The Insurance industry has already deferred it to 2021.

12. Averse: विरुद्ध 

Having a strong dislike of or opposition to something, against, contrary, repugnant, anti
Example:  Mahindra Finance is providing risk-averse retail investors an opportunity to earn high returns.

13. Benign: सौम्य 

Kind, gentle, placable, warm-hearted
Example: This is a benign interest rate regime.

14. Damper: स्पंज 

A person or thing that has a subduing or inhibiting effect, curb, check, limit, control
Example: The tax liability could well be a damper.

15. Ratify: पुष्टि करना 

Confirm, homologate, indorse, endorse, reaffirm
Example:  The final regulatory approval ratifying the Mahindra Finance bond rates was still awaited at press time.

16. Debentures: ऋणपत्र 

Bond, an unsecured loan certificate issued by a company
Example:  Foreign portfolio investors are showing interest in these bonds after SEBI recently eased rules, allowing them to invest in unlisted bonds or nonconvertible debentures.

17. Inadvertent: बेपरवाह 

Nonchalant, perfunctory, regardless, remiss, neglectful
Example:  The elderly should not be penalised for their inadvertent failure to deposit money in time.

18. Susceptibility: संवेदनशीलता 

Sensitivity, sensibility, vulnerability, openness
Example: The case to give them another chance is compelling, given the susceptibility of their age and finances.

19. Reprieve: दण्डविराम 

Cancel or postpone the punishment
Example:  The government should wait for people who use the reprieve window to disclose their cash deposits while filing their returns.

20. Scrutiny: जांच 

Screening, probe, critical observation, finding
Example: Instead of taking up every case for scrutiny and arbitrary approval, a set of rules should be formulated and a sample alone of the beneficiaries of the new window for exchange should be audited for compliance with the rules.

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