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Daily Idioms & Phrases From The Hindu: 8 August 2017

Published on Tuesday, August 08, 2017

1: whisked away

Meaning: To escort, conduct, or carry someone or something swiftly and quietly away
Example:  The bodyguards whisked away the politician after the speech.

2: spot on

Meaning: Exactly right; perfectly accurate
Example: Drag flick specialist Diwakar Ram, who had put up a sterling show throughout the tournament was spot on in the final too

3: play / cry / sing hearts out

Meaning: to do something with vigour or intensity.
Example: both teams played their hearts out in an entertaining contest

4: with tail between legs

Meaning: Appearing frightened or cowardly
Example: The frightened dog ran away with its tail between its legs when the bigger dog growled.

5: in the thick of things

Meaning: to be very involved at the busiest or most active stage of a situation or activity
Example: A fierce debate ensued and he found himself in the thick of it.

6: Taste of your own medicine

Meaning: you do something bad to someone that they have done to you to teach them a lesson.
Example: John, who is often rude and abrupt with people, was devastated when the teacher treated him rudely. He doesn't like having a dose of his own medicine.

7: A fair crack of the whip

Meaning: an equal chance to do something
Example: In India all the students should be given a fair crack of the whip.

8: To pay off old scores

Meaning: have his revenge
Example: from his attitude it is cl, ar that he wants to pay off old scores

9: cutting loose

Meaning: to behave in an uncontrolled, wild way
Example: Don't be too hard on them - they're just kids and they need to cut loose sometimes.

10: Wiped out

Meaning: to kill someone , a decisive defeat , to clean completely by wiping:
Example:  Malawi on Thursday celebrated successful conclusion of a two year project moving 520 sedated elephants by truck to a reserve where the animals had been nearly wiped out
They wiped him out to keep him from testifying.

11: Calls off

Meaning: to decide that something will not happen , cancel
Example: Example : Following appeals by film-makers and producers , the Film Employees Federation of South india (FEFSI) on Thursday called off its strike

12: boss someone around

Meaning: To tell one what to do
Example: Stop bossing me around. I'm not your employee. Captain Smith bosses around the whole crew. That's his job

13: Run up

Meaning: to raise or hoist something, such as a flag , to cause something to go higher, such as the price of stocks or commodities
ExampleExample : In the Run up to the implementation of GST , we did expect many challenges including an impact on trade pipeline inventory

14: To live in clover

Meaning: Meaning : having good fortune; in a very good situation, especially financially
Example: If I get this contract, I'll be in clover for the rest of my life.

15: to be in two minds

Meaning: Meaning : to be unable to decide about something:
Example: I’m in two minds about accepting the job

16: to talk shop

Meaning: to talk about work when not working
Example: Two New York Yankee pitchers will be there to sign autographs and talk shop with fans.

17: to make the grade

Meaning: to be satisfactory; to be what is expected.
Example: He wanted to get into medical school but he failed to make the grade.

18: picking holes

Meaning: to find mistakes in something someone has done or said, to show that it is not good or not correct
Example: He is always picking holes in every project

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