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New Pattern Reading Comprehension for IBPS PO

Published on Tuesday, September 26, 2017
New Pattern Reading Comprehension for IBPS PO

Comprehension is an easy scoring part in English in bank exams. However, year after year, the toughness of this part has been gradually increased. So to stay ahead of the competition, reading newspapers daily and solving all possible questions that could be asked is the best way to crack this part. We have provided simple comprehensions with difficult or possible questions that could be asked. Familiarize with comprehension from this article.

Question 1. 

Read the passage below and then choose the best answer to the question.Answer the question based on what is stated or implied in this passage.
Experienced truck drivers often travel in a convoy--a group of trucks that are traveling to the same part of the country. Convoys can help truckers to stay alert.

The author implies that professional long-distance truck drivers may avoid traveling alone because:
A) They might drive too fast.
B) They want to arrive before anyone else.
C) Accidents happen more frequently to lone truck drivers than to car drivers who travel alone.
D) Long-distance travel can cause drowsiness.

Question 2. 

Read the passage below and then choose the best answer to the question.
One could be struck in awe,if they could relive the earths geological past.Huge beasts such as the dinosaur have never really become extinct. Mothra, a giant caterpillar who later becomes a moth, destroys Tokyo, and stars in the 1962 Japanese film named for him. The famous Japanese cult mothra is born, dies, and reborn regularly on classic movie channels. In Japan Mothra is one of the most popular films ever made. Mothra has survived the creation of more current scary creatures such as giant apes, extraterrestrial beings and swamp creatures. More than 30 years after his creation, Mothra still lives.

The main subject of the passage is:

A) The reasons that fads do not endure
B) The lasting appeal of Mothra
C) The difficulty of marketing good horror movies
D) Old models for creatures are still used because making new monsters is expensive

Question 3. 

Two underlined sentences are followed by a question or statement. Read the sentences, and then choose which one of the following would be the best answer to the question:
Anxious to ensure that America would depart from European traditions regarding religion and royalty, the early U.S. can be described as a place that focused more on work than on the entertainment offered by spectacle and celebrations offered by the past world. However, national celebrations such as the lighting of the White House Christmas Tree and the ceremonies used to swear in new federal officials give the American people some experiences that are based upon national tradition.

What does the second sentence do?

A) It colludes the meaning of the first sentence.
B) It provides an example of the first sentence.
C) It adds more detail to the first sentence.
D) It offers an exception to the information given in the first sentence.

Question 4. 

Read the passage below and choose the best answer/option to the question asked below.
The Earth’s past climate--including temperature and elements in the atmosphere--has recently been studied by analysing ice samples from Greenland and Antarctica. The air bubbles in the ice have shown that, over the past 160,000 years, there has been a close correlation between changes in the planet’s temperature and level of natural greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane. A recent analysis from a well-known think tank for Greenland showed that at the end of the last glacial period (when the great ice sheets began to retreat to their present position), temperatures in southern part of Greenland rose from 5 to 7 degrees within a span 100 years. Air bubbles are not the only method of determining characteristics of the Earth’s ancient climate history. Analysis of dust layers from ancient volcanic activity is another such method; as is the study of ice cores, which interpret past solar activity that may have affected our climate.

This passage states that:

A) The planet’s atmosphere is being destroyed by runaway greenhouse gases.
B) Temperatures in Greenland have been unusually stable over the past 100 years.
C) There are two information’s that scientists can use to determine the characteristics of the Earth’s early climate.
D) Solar energy is the wave of the future.

Question 5. 

Read the passages, then choose the best answer to the question or the best completion of the statement.
For the purpose of insurance related works, before video cameras were widely used, home and business owners had to rely only on written reports and photos as a way to document their valuables. This form of documentation was difficult for some insurance policy holders. It was incredibly easy to lose reports in paper format or the reports could be easily tampered with. Because of these possibilities, these insurance inventories were often inaccurate. While videotaping is not an option for every home or business owner, this kind of insurance documentation is helpful for some.

What is the main idea behind the passage?

A) They repeat the same idea.
B) They contradict one another.
C) They compare two forms of written documentation.
D) They present a problem and a solution.

Question 6. 

Read the sentences, and then choose the best answer to the question or the best completion of the statement.
Public speaking is very different from everyday conversation.
First and foremost of all, speeches are much more structured than a typical informal discussion.

How are these sentences related?
A) The second sentence offers support for the statement made in the first sentence.
B) The second sentence contradicts the statement made in the first sentence.
C) The second sentence which is a contradiction to the first one shows an exception to the first sentence.
D) The second sentence compares two kinds of speeches.

Question 7. 

Answer the question based on what is stated or implied in these passages.
French physicist Charles Fabry discovered ozone gas in the atmosphere in 1913. At room temperature, ozone is a colourless gas; it condenses to a dark blue liquid at -170 F. At temperatures above the boiling point of water, 212 F, it decomposes. Ozone is all around us. Occasionally After a thunderstorm, or around electrical equipment, ozone is often detected as a sharp odour. Ozone can be used as a strong oxidizing agent, a bleaching agent, and to sterilize drinking water. This gas is also highly reactive. For example, The insulation which is made of rubber around a car’s spark plug wires will need to be replaced eventually, due to the small amounts of ozone produced when electricity flows from the engine to the plug.

The meaning behind the passages imply that:

A) Ozone is the major result of pollution.
B) High ozone levels in the atmosphere will cause large numbers of people to buy new car batteries.
C) Ozone has no practical uses for man.
D) Ozone is a natural part of the Earth’s atmosphere.

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