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Expected GK Questions For IB ACIO-PDF

Published on Friday, October 13, 2017
1. Recently Supreme Court declared to Right to privacy as Fundamental right under Article-21
  • Article-21: No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law
2. Present Chief Justice of India- Justice Dipak Misra (45th)
3. GST came into force from- 1st July 2017
4. 101st constitutional amendment is related to GST
5. Chairman of GST council- Union Finance Minister
  • As per Article 279A of the amended Constitution, the GST Council will be a joint forum of the Centre and the States. This Council shall consist of the following members namely: -
a) Union Finance Minister… Chairperson
b) The Union Minister of State, in-charge of Revenue of finance… Member
c) The Minister In-charge of finance or taxation or any other Minister nominated by each State Government… Members
6. The objective of NITI Aayog is to promote Cooperative Federalism.
7. Present Chairman of NITI Aayog- Prime minister (Narendra Modi)
8. Present Vice Chairman of NITI Aayog- Dr Rajiv Kumar (in the place of Dr Aravind Panagariya)
9. Present CEO of NITI Aayog- Amitabh Kanth
10. First CEO of NITI Aayog- Sindhu sree Khullar
11. NITI Aayog- National Institution for Transforming India
12. 104th Indian science congress was held at Tirupati (Sri Venkateswara University) with a theme Science and technology for National development
13. Next Indian science congress i.e. 105th Indian science congress will be held at Hyderabad (Osmania University)
  • (First science congress was held at Kolkata in 1914)
14. BARAK-8 missile is jointly developed by India & Israel. BARAK-8 is a Long Range Surface to Air missile (LR-SAM)
15. Wheeler Island in the coast Odisha is also known as Kalam Island. The Integrated Test Range missile testing facility is located on the island.
16. Present Rank of India in HDI (Human Development Index) - 131.
  • HDI is released by UNDP (United Nations Development program)
  • The ranking is given by based on three parameters- Education, Health (life expectancy) and income
17. The 3rd edition of India International Science festival (IISF) was held in Chennai with the theme- Science for New India)
18. Present chief election commissioner of India- Achal Kumar Jyoti.
19. 2017 BRICS summit (9th) was held in Xiamen province of China. The theme of the edition “Stronger Partnership for a Brighter Future”
20. Yudh Abhyas is a joint military exercise between India and US
21. NAG missile is an example of Anti-Tank Guided Missile
22. Recently, union government is considering granting citizenship to Chakma and Hajong refugees of Arunachal Pradesh
23. Recently, Catalonia referendum is in news. Catalonia is located in Spain
24. Ramnath Kovind is the 14th and current and president of India.
Venkaih Naidu is the 13th and current Vice president of India.
25. The 2017 National Defence Authorization act (NDDA) passed by USA made India as a major defence partner of USA
26. Chabahar port is located in Iran
27. Gwadar port is located in Baluchistan province of Pakistan
28. Sittwe port is located in Myanmar
29. The launch vehicle developed by ISRO to launch satellites into geo-stationary orbit is GSLV-MK III
30. PSLV C-37 mission of ISRO launches 104 satellites in a single flight
31. Sustainable Development Goals includes (2015-30) - 17 goals and 169 targets. The Sustainable Development goals succeeded the 8 Millennium development goals.
32. Money bill can be introduced only in LokSabha
33. What is meant by Composite floor test in case of voting in State Legislative Assembly?
Key Note: Voting in assembly as directed by the governor when there is more than one person staking claim to form government and majority is not clear
34. Which type of mosquito act as carrier in spreading Zika virus?-Aedes aegypti
35. Range of Agni-IV ballistic Missile: 3000-4000km
36. Founder President of Ghadar Party: Sohan Singh Bhakna
Key Note: Original name of Ghadar Party was Pacific Coast Hindustan Association. The founding president of Ghadar Party was Sohan Singh Bhakna and Lala Hardayal was the co-founder of this party. Headquarters of the movement were set up at Yugantar Ashram in San Francisco.
37. As per Health Policy 2017, the expected amount of public expenditure as a percentage of GDP is 2.5%
38. Lead is a toxic material found in automotive batteries
39. The active Volcano in India is located at Barren Island
40. The Indian National Calendar is based on Saka era which began in 78 A.D
41. Psyche is the name of the mission selected by NASA in Jan 2017 to explore metallic asteroid in the solar system
42. Maximum number of 500/1000 old notes that can be kept by a person without attracting punishment is 10
  • The Union Government has notified the Specified Bank Notes (Cessation of Liabilities) Act, 2017 to prohibit the holding, transferring or receiving of scrapped old Rs.500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes from 31 December, 2016,
  • Possessing more than 10 pieces f old notes by individuals and more than 25 pieces for study, research or numismatics purposes will attract a fine of Rs. 10,000 or five times the value of cash held, whichever is higher. Fine of a minimum of Rs, 50,000 will be imposed for a false declaration by persons for being abroad during the Demonetisation period (9 November-30 December, 2016).
43. This is not the first time the Government or the RBI has demonetised currency in India. For the first time in January 1946, Rs 1,000 and Rs 10,000 banknotes were demonetised. However, these two denominations were reintroduced in 1954 along with currency notes of Rs 5,000. But all these three denominations were again demonetised in January 1978.
44. The base year for computation of GDP is recently shifted by CSO from 2004-05 to 2011-12
45. Medha is the name of the train which is fully made first time in India and recently launched at Mumbai
Key Note: First fully India-made train (rake) Medha was flagged off at Dadar station in Mumbai. It has been manufactured by the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) in Chennai.
46. Satya shodak samaj (Society of seekers of truth) was started by Jyothi bah Phule in 1871, it was found to fight against caste system
47. Habij-ganj railway station is the first railway station in the country to be developed under PPP.
  • The station is located in suburbs of Bhopal. The operation and maintenance of the railway station has been given to Bhopal-based Bansal Group for a period of eight years.
  • The Habibganj project is a part of the Indian Railways’ ambitious plan to re-develop 400 A1 and A category railway stations
48. World Wetlands Day is celebrated on February 2 each year to mark the Day the Convention on Wetlands was adopted in the Iranian City of Ramsar in 1971. India is a party to the Convention since 1982 and committed to the Ramsar approach of wise use of wetlands.
Theme of World Wetlands Day for 2017 - ‘Wetlands for disaster risk reduction’
49. DigiGaon is the name of the initiative proposed by GOI to provide telemedicine, education and skill through digital technology
50. Zero hour, the period after the question hour around 12 noon to discuss any important matter with prior notice to speaker

Buddhist councils:
Name of the Buddhist council
Held in the year

Held at
Under patronage of (King)

Presided by
400 B.C
383 B.C
250 B.C
Moggaliputta Tissa
72 A.D

Borrowing features of Indian constitution:
Feature of the constitution
Borrowed from the country
Fundamental rights
United states of America
Directive principles of state policy
Fundamental duities
Concurrent list
Federation with strong centre
Ideals of Republic, liberty, equality and
Fraternity in the preamble

Judicial review

Schedules of Indian constitution:

Number of schedules-12
Name of the schedule

Deals with
List of states and union territories

Provisions relating to allowances, privileges
Emoluments and so on
Forms of oaths or Affirmations

Allocation of seats in the Rajya sabha to states and
Union and territories
Provisions relating to administration and control of
Schedule areas and schedule tribes

Provisions relating to administration and control of
Tribal areas in the states of Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura
And Mizoram

Division of powers between union and states as State list
Union list and concurrent list
Languages recognised by the constitution (22 languages)
Anti-defection law

Important parts of the Indian constitution:

Number of parts- 22
Name of the part
Deals with
Union and territories
Fundamental rights
Directive principles of state policy
Four (A)
Fundamental duties
Nine (A)
Emergency provisions
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